Wiper blade test

Wiper blade fitting
17 Aug, 2007 6:23am

Poorly performing windscreen wipers can compromise your safety on the road, so renewing them regularly is essential. We test nine sets to find Britain’s best blades

ONE in five road accidents is caused by poor driver visibility, but motorists in the UK are still at the bottom of the European league when it comes to renewing their wipers. After around a year of use, most will be past their best, so it makes sense to change them at MoT time.

As technology develops, there is even a chance you may be able to upgrade your wipers to the new flat- blade type. These do away with ugly, multi-jointed frames, replacing them with a sprung metal spine to hold the blade against the glass. We tried both old and new to name the best.

The test
To try both types on the same screen, we used a 2001 VW Bora, which has the older fitting, and a 2003 VW Golf for our test. We looked for a solid fit, and good arm build quality. We also expected them to clear water efficiently at speeds up to 70 mph, leaving no irritating residue, and with no squeaking or juddering, even on dry glass. Prices quoted are for a pair.


Ultimately, your choice will depend on your car. For conventional arms, the Valeo Silencio X.TRM should be your first choice, given that they are so versatile. If your motor uses flat-blades, the Bosch Aerotwins are best. However, if they’re a little too pricey, the Champion Aerovantages offer great value for money.