Audi S1 Sportback spied

12 Dec, 2012 9:30am

Our spies have caught the first glimpse of the storming new Audi S1 Sportback getting into shape

This is the new high-performance 220bhp Audi S1 Sportback. We’ve spotted a three-door S1 in testing before, but this is the first we’ve seen of a five-door Sportback version.

The all-wheel-drive Renault Clio RS rival can be seen here with a lower stance, more aggressive front bumper and familiar S-model foglamp housings.

There are chunkier side skirts, too, with a rear diffuser complete with a quad-exhaust set-up. Production versions will wear 18-inch alloy wheels with wider tyres than on the car in these pictures and, like all of Audi’s S performance models, will feature silver mirror caps.

The 220bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine gives it 38bhp more than the most potent A1, enough to go from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds. There are also stronger brakes, plus firmer suspension and a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DSG gearbox.

Pricing is expected to start from around £25,500.

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For me the most important question is, is it definitely 4wd (In which case its exactly what I'm looking for) or have they cheapened the S brand by making it fwd?

£25k for a VW polo? It's true the idiots now drive Audi's!

Head and the heart
Good car for posh kids!

Looks nice. Rave reviews. Will hold price as Audis tend to do.

Price unjustified. Rear space tight. Boot space minimal.

it obviously doesnt come with bluetooth as standard from looking at the pictures

Oh please dexter. Go troll elsewhere. 25k too much for you obviously.

Oh please dexter. Go troll elsewhere. 25k is obviously too much for you.

Why on earth would anyone pay £25k on an overweight, dull looking super mini?? The world has gone mad! £25k can buy you a Toyota GT86....which is a proper sports car! And looks fantastic to boot!
The Germans have convinced far too many people that boring is worth a premium.......

It is for a jumped up polo, let me guess another Audi driver? You carry on buying rubbish

Are they having the world on with this? it's a dull dull dull 5 door hatch, that used to mean 'Family Car' but those savvy Germans have put the name Sport in it so people will flock to throw away £25K on what is basically a Skoda Fabia. It has a bulbous, squat rear that is rather reminiscent of the Austin Allegro. Perhaps they should call it the 'Equipe'...

You realise you could have a Land Rover for the same money?

Sorry but I agree with Dexter, this is essentially a VW Polo/Skoda Fabia in a not too flattering 5 door shape, and frankly, the money they are asking is ludicrous. You used to be able to get a top spec A3 for that kind of money. Do you honestly believe this is worthy of that price tag? That's quite your right of course but it doesn't mean someone who doesn't like is a troll!

You carry on talking rubbish. Audi quality superior to all cars you drive or have driven.

Well a proper car enthusiast knows the difference between Audi and VW/Skoda. Audi don't share everything with VW even though they are the same group. . There is a marked difference. I'd never call a Bentley an Audi for the same reason even though they share DNA.

Thank you for the best comment here.

Audi's quality isn't superior at all.

Nice overpriced VW Polo

well there's progress for you....220bhp & 0-62 in 6.5sec:
that's almost as fast as my former 201bhp 1992 Calibra Turbo...???

I'm confused. This is nowhere near as good as the A1 Quattro, yet they say its "four-cylinder turbo engine gives it 38bhp more than the most potent A1"? Nonsense.

What do you drive?

Ive seen your other posts across the web and your anti west belief. Do you really believe the Devil known as OBL was not a terrorist? Which planet do you live on? You lose credibility. Move on Audi Build is very different from VW. I know they are the same group and share parts, but there are other parts and a quality finish that they do not share that qualify Audi as a premium brand!