BMW 2 Series Coupe: price and release date

14 Jan, 2014 9:39am Luke Madden

BMW 2 Series revealed in Detroit: news, prices, pictures and release date info ahead of going on sale in 2014

The new BMW 2 Series Coupe has made its public debut at the Detroit Motor Show. We’ve seen spy shots before, but the car has now been officially revealed, rivalling the likes of the Audi TT and Peugeot RCZ.

The BMW 2 Series is a coupe version of the 1 Series - just like the 4 Series is to the 3 Series. It looks a lot like its bigger brother: the short overhangs, Hofmeister kink and flared rear wheelarches all look familiar here. The car has the same wheelbase as the 1 Series it's based on - but there's an extra 30 litres of boot space over the hatch with the rear seats in place, giving a total of 390 litres. However, unlike the hatch it’s based on, the 2 Series is only available with two individual seats in the back.

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BMW 2 Series price and release date

Thenew BMW 2 Series Coupe replaces the BMW 1 Series Coupe in the range, and will cost from around £24,000. The car shown in the official pictures is the M235i model, which is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-litre petrol engine. However, an even faster M2 model is likely to be offered in 2015, with a price of around £45,000.

The range-topping M2 will serve as a successor to the limited-production BMW 1M Coupe. The M2 will feature a turbocharged straight-six engine, producing around 350bhp, plus uprated suspension and the latest version of the M Differential.

A soft-top BMW 2 Series Convertible will also be offered around six months after the 2 Series Coupe goes on sale.

BMW M235i Racing

The BMW M235i will be offered as a Racing model to motorsport teams and drivers for a price of 59,500 Euros. Meant for track use only, the new car is ready to be used in events like the VLN Endurance Championship.

Like the standard BMW M235i, the Racing is powered by a 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder engine, but here it’s tuned up to 328bhp from 316bhp. BMW has also fitted a mechanical limited-slip differential, along with ABS, DSC and traction control.

BMW 2 Series engines

BMW says it’s focused on a sporty driving experience with the new car, which is why it’s left out lower-powered engines from the 1 Series line-up. There are three versions of the latest 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel, with 141bhp in the 218d, 181bhp in the 220d and 215bhp in the 225d. Fuel economy and emissions range from 67.3mpg and 111g/km in the 218d to 60.1mpg and 124g/km in the 225d.

Petrol choices include a 181bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo in the 220i, while at the top of the range is the model in our pictures: the M235i. This isn’t a fully fledged ‘M’ car, but part of BMW’s new M Performance family. And it gets a version of the 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbo with 321bhp (6bhp more than in the M135i and the same output as in the original E36 M3). The M235i sprints from 0-62mph in five seconds flat with a six-speed manual box; with an eight-speed auto, it’s 4.8 seconds.

BMW 2 Series specs

Regular 2 Series models come in Sport, Modern or M Sport specs (the latter features 10mm lower suspension, 17-inch wheels and sportier looks). But the M235i has uprated M Sport brakes, variable-ratio steering and lightweight 18-inch wheels – options on other models. A mechanical limited-slip diff can be added at extra cost.

As with any BMW, the unveil of the new 2 Series doesn’t just signal a new model, but
a whole new family of cars. Next up will be a 2 Series Convertible, spied testing (above) with the fabric roof stowed. Expect it to follow the Coupé later in 2014.

A slinky four-door is said to be in the pipeline, too, but it’s not clear yet whether this will be badged as a BMW 1 Series saloon or a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé. This model will rival the Audi A3 Saloon and Mercedes CLA.

BMW 2 Series M Performance parts

The new BMW 2 Series will be available with M Performance parts across the range from launch in March 2014.

The M Performance parts – available on all petrol and diesel 2 Series variants – sees tweaks to the engine, suspension, aerodynamics and interior, helping boost all-round performance and agility without affecting emissions figures or fuel consumption.

Stiffer and 20mm lower suspension will be fitted, along with new dampers, lightweight brake discs and painted callipers. Available exclusively on the range-topping M235i model is a sports exhaust and mechanical limited-slip differential, improving traction and acceleration out of corners. There's also a new body kit and a smarter interior.

Those who opt for the 220d model also have the option of the M Performance Power kit, which boosts power by 16bhp and 40Nm of torque. All upgrades will be available from March 2014, with pricing to be announced closer to the car's official release date.

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Looks a lot better than the 1-Series (phew).

looks very nice, and seems to deserve the new "2" badge and being a model itself, rather than being called 1 coupe.

Oh BMW will you ditch those god awful headlights and grille! Until you do that you are stuck in a rut with cars that look like have been slapped silly with the ugly stick.
I hope its better propotioned than the old 1 coupe as that really was the plug of the road.

I like the BMW 2 Series that has been spied undisguised in sporty M235i trim ahead of its debut later this year

There have been a few ugly BMW's designs over the last 10 years, but I'm sorry, this just isn't one of them. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

Of course though, even the most perfect of cars will still attract people who love to criticise them

It does look okay and certainly better than some but I am reminded of the Biblical quotation "Jesus Christ the same today, and yesterday and tomorrow"!
This won't be a cheap car and should be better in appearance. Can't the Germans handle imagination?

You need thicker glasses and/or poor taste, it looks gorgeous

I would say Audi are arguably the worst offenders. They definitely follow the 'Russian doll' philosophy in car design.

I wouldn't say it looks gorgeous but it's better than most cars on the market today. With the exception of the 1 series, I think the current BMW range is right up there in terms of looks.

In your opinion CSH, please don't confuse that with fact. To me its just as dog rough as the new old 6 series, actually that's not fair no car is that badly designed but you get my point. Until they ditch those style head lamps and grille they will always be more related to the ugly sisters than Cinderella in my eyes, I just plain don't like them.

Are you actually suggesting this is perfect? Because it will be over priced, under spec'ed and driven by people who care more about a badge than the actual car.

I think you need a lesson in style and design pal, its not a looker. The current range all have a nose that looks like its trying to kiss the road, like someone fell of the edge of the table when drawing it and stuck with the shape by mistake.

In my opinion the entire Kia range looks better then the entire BMW range. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

So does what I just laid in the toilet......

Agree! Its why I can't stand the looks, they haven't come up with a radical new design for the front of their cars in...well ever! As some one when studied product design in depth at uni it amazes me how bad the Germans are at it. No form for forms sake, function or nothing and that will never lead to a design icon in the automotive world.

To add to that, with the last 5 series they were close, they went as out there as BMW have ever gone. It created debate and that is always a good thing. The new 5 is just 20 foot of utter blandness, it does not contain one interesting feature and as the 3 is just a reduced photostat of the 5 the same applies.

I'm just glad BMW are continuing to pursue what they started with the 1 series coupe now that the 3/4 series are so big. The previous 1 coupe was a great car to drive and this will I'm sure be more of the same if bought with an appropriate engine (i.e. not a 216d).

I liked almost all the bangle cars (ok no-one could really like the 7 series, and the design cues from that car did the 6 no favours from some angles) but enough people hated them that BMW are bound to stick with design conservatism for the next few years.

Fact is they screwed up with the number 1. No M1 because of history. Now they can have an M2. It's called number engineering.

I hope there'll be a naturally aspirated straight six petrol engine...

LOL!! Perfectly put :-)

Just don't get what is different other than being a lot like a face lifted 1 series or a smaller 3 series coupe that they have now done away with.

Looks like the old shape Hyundai S-coupe side-on view (which I didn't mind the look of 6 years ago.

Ha as if BMW would make a real BMW anymore! Anything less than 6 makes it a fake! ;-)

I owned the box type 316. all the cars got bigger in size. and now with the 2 series - i believe it will fill in the gap left by 316 ,

At last BMW have started designing cars that don't look pig ugly.

Why don't you shut up and buy a Kia then. This is the first nice car I've seen from BMW since the E46 3 Series. Credit where credit is due

Hang on - Andy finishes with "But everyone is entitled to their opinion" and you begin in reply with "Why don't you shut up ...". A bit miffed that your desire for anything BMW is being questioned?

Stop being so precious!

I would rather, they look better, better equip'ed, nicer to drive on long journeys thanks to BMWs insistence of fitting run flats. The only decent thing the BMW has going is the clean engine its not even big on BHP.

Also, what BigChizz said! Or I could go as petty as you and tell you to stink your c**k in its exhaust pipe as you seem to love it so much.

Still no drinks holders?

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