Citroen DS3 Cabrio Racing production confirmed

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Racing
14 Jul, 2013 8:57pm Tom Phillips

Limited production run of 200-400 DS3 Cabrio Racing to go on sale next year

The Citroen DS3 Cabrio Racing will go on sale next year. However, it will be limited to between 200-400 units in total, although as the UK is Europe’s largest market for convertibles, we will get a decent chunk of the production run.

The news was confirmed to us by Citroen’s chief designer, Thierry Metroz, who added that the rough textured matt paint that feels like shark skin to the touch will make production, as will the laser etched detailing on the door mirrors.

The 19-inch carbon-fibre inlayed wheels and two-tone canvas roof will also be offered, as will the carmine red detailing inside and out.

Metroz also confirmed that the Cabrio Racing shows the future direction of the DS line, with special models that showcase hi-end materials and the best technology.

The carmine red stripes inside and out are the signature colour of the DS range, so expect to see these on more DS-line cars. The firm is also keen to add bespoke options, previewed by the show car’s baby seat that's upholstered in the same, triple leather watchstrap finish as the regular seats.

As around 80 per cent of DS3 Cabrios are sold to women, Citroen is working on putting it into production.

The DS range is popular in China, where customers really appreciate design details, including the DS logo in the rear lights, according to Metroz.

He tells us: "British customers love this detail, but the Chinese double love it. They really appreciate details like this, which is why the DS line has its own showrooms in China."

He adds that while DS could be a brand in its own right, we'll see a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show that will demonstrate the "pure, simple, smart" look of the firm's next generation of C-badged models.