Citroen DS3 concept unveiled

6 Dec, 2013 2:56pm Jonathan Burn

Citroen has joined forces with beauty company Benefit to produce a one-off DS3 concept

A new Citroen DS3 concept has been unveiled, designed in collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics. It will be showcased on the Citroen stand at the Birmingham Clothes Show Live event next week and marks the beginning of a new partnership between the two brands.

Citroen DS3 review

The concept is based on the range-topping DS3 DSport model fitted with the 155bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine. Numerous exterior modifications have been made, including Benefit’s trademark pink and yellow ‘candy stripes’ and exclusive decals. The DS3 also rides on white and pink alloys wheels, offset by yellow wing mirrors.

The interior has also seen a dramatic makeover, with the seats reupholstered in Italian leather and the pink and yellow stripe from the exterior printed onto the seats, headrests and parcel shelf. There’s also pink detailing throughout the car, found on the steering wheel, centre console and dashboard, where a vanity mirror has also been fitted.

Currently in the DS3 range, Citroen offers buyers a fuchsia pink roof, which seven to eight per cent of buyers opt for. An increasing amount of manufactures including, Kia, Renault and Peugeot are offering pink optional extras for their cars. The SMMT records show 9,914 cars in the UK now have the colour pink registered on their V5 document.

The DS3 made in collaboration with Benefit won’t make it into production but a spokesman for beauty company did say, “We really hope to take things further and translate some of these ideas into a proper road-going Citroën.”

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Oh sweet jesus no! When I see a pink car, it automatically makes me think of Paris Hilton/Jordan types!

skudfan your right big over inflated egos and big over inflated you no whats . Oh Citroen Why do this I say it tarnishes the DS 3 and may even stop male s looking to buy it just a thought I might add not the PINKY version unless !

So Citroen have sold their soul to the fashion industry!! I think its disgusting, personally. A car is not a fashion accessory!!!

Motor cars are often just that. "Retro" styling exists for no other reason, certainly not practicality. I wouldn't be seen dead in a vehicle with this particular colour scheme though. Likewise, for example, a pink FIAT 500 or any Skoda Fabia VRS! The Citroen has the great advantage over these and others, that it has little likelihood of being replicated.