Lexus CT 200h facelift for 2014

23 Jan, 2014 1:20pm Jonathan Burn

Hybrid CT 200h hatchback receives subtle facelift and price reduction for 2014

Lexus has revised the CT 200h hatchback for 2014, adding extra kit, reducing the price and making changes to driving dynamics. The entry-level S model sees a £1,000 reduction in price, with savings of up to £1,500 elsewhere in the range.

Visual tweaks include a more distinct version of the trademark spindle grille, with the performance-focused F-Sport model now fitted with a more aggressive looking mesh grille, rear spoiler and air ducts. A new alloy wheel design has also been made available across the range. Even the way the CT 200h is produced has seen developments, with Lexus employing laser welding and body adhesion techniques for a more rigid chassis.

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Changes continue inside with the addition of a new seven-inch touchscreen embedded into the centre console. A new steering wheel has also been added alongside a new gear selector design. The familiar S, SE, Advanced, Luxury, F Sport and Premier trim levels remain, with mid-spec Advanced now featuring parking sensors, heated front seats and integrated Lexus Navigation as standard.

Lexus still only offers one hybrid powertrain in the CT 200h, with a 98bhp 1.8-litre petrol engine mated with an 80bhp electric motor. Lexus claims economy of 78.5mpg for the entry-level S model and 68.9mpg for the rest of the range. Emissions output is also the best in its class at 82g/km, making it appealing choice for fleet buyers with a BIK rate of only 10 per cent.

Prices for the facelifted CT 200h now start at £20,995 and rise to £29,945. Order books are now open with first deliveries expect to be made in March.

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The nose looks better. Please fix the hind too for the brand new model.

Nice, So much classier than a golf!

Very smart. Would pick this over an A-Class anyday.

I've driven this when it was launched and all it needed then was slightly better exterior design and a smidgen more power. Good to see they've sorted the exterior styling quite a bit, but please Lexus give it another few horses and torques.

Give us a 3 door option and a CT-F and you'll see sales increase by loads, Lexus....

Emitting a mere 82g/km means it's the cleanest car in the class bar the Peugeot 308 1.6L diesel which emits same amount of carbon but a lot more NOx, etc. Besides the baby Lexus is automatic and is more powerful and looks better than before.

Love how the pictures stretch the width. In reality this remains a plump, plug ugly car that desperately tries to not look like a hybrid. Hardly serious contender in UK and Prius a far better car.

Isn't the drivetrain in the Lexus CT just the same as the Prius?! Think you'll find it is. I've nothing against the Prius but personally I would pick this over the Prius everytime. Much nicer looking and with a more premium interior.

Hardly a serious contender? I beg to differ... with low emissions it's an ideal company car for those who place BIK tax, comfort, quality, reliability above the need to play traffic light grand prix.

It's essentially the same car underneath mechanically speaking, but with a far higher spec and use of quality materials inside. Think Skoda Octavia to Audi A3

I had the choice...and went for the Prius. I couldn't cope with the styling.