New Mazda MX-5 to launch on September 3rd

3 Jul, 2014 9:25am Steve Walker

Mazda will reveal the new fourth-generation version of its iconic MX-5 roadster at global unveil events on September 3rd

Over 25 years and three generations, the Mazda MX-5 has secured its place as the world’s favourite roadster. Now the arrival of the mk4 Mazda MX-5 (known as the Mazda Miata in the US) is upon us and Mazda is planning on revealing the car to the world with a bang.

Simultaneous events in Spain, Japan and the US will bring the new MX-5 into the glare of the world’s media for the first time. All we’ve got to be going along with for now is Mazda’s teaser video. 

"The MX-5 is the product that best epitomises Mazda's convention-defying spirit and our love of driving," said Mazda Motor Europe President and CEO Jeff Guyton. "It has been grabbing people's attention for 25 years, and with the new-generation model we're aiming to share this passion with yet another generation of drivers."

We’ve already been treated to a look at the SKYACTIVE chassis that will underpin the new 2015 Mazda MX-5 and we’ve nabbed spy shots of prototype models out testing but details on the car remain sketchy. 

For a full round-up of everything we know now about the new 2015 MX-5 click here… 

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Why do you refer to the car as the 2015 MX5 when the Mazda clip says 2016? Is it out next year or the year after? Seems a bit slap-dash to me.

Not that it concerns me - I bought an MX5 after falling for all the hype and it was the worst car ownership experience I've ever had - the car, dealerships and manufacturer were all appalling. Was I unlucky in getting an unreliable one with loads of faults? Maybe. But Mazda and their dealerships treated me like dirt so I'll never waste one penny more on their products ever again - and will continue telling people about my awful experience to warn them too.

Cant wait for this. After the new 3, 6 and CX5 you just know the MX5 will be another class leading product.

I think you were just unlucky. I bought an 18 month old MX5 from a non-franchised dealer and owned it for about three years - the car was very reliable and my local Mazda dealer was excellent for service - they did several small jobs free of charge even when the car was out of warranty - they even painted the brake disc hubs when it went for a service because you could see them through the wheels and they were a bit grubby - no charge and they didn't even mention it when I picked the car up. I was very pleased with the car and the service and would happily buy another

I ve owned 4 Mazdas now over a twelve year period and have never had any reliability issues. The only money I have ever had to spend has been on servicing and the odd wear out items like brake parts and tyres. The small family owned dealer I use is excellent too. Not that cheap, but friendly and efficient. Mazda dominate the top end of customer satisfaction surveys for a reason and they consistanly finish well ahead of the likes of Audi/VW, BMW and Merc. I'm actually looking to trade in my current car for another Mazda (after checking out a few other brands) though not an MX5 because of the limited practicality so it will be a 3 for me!

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