Skoda Rapid prices

Skoda Rapid
1 Oct, 2012 12:39pm Tom Phillips

Prices and specs have been announced for the new Skoda Rapid, ranging from £12,900 to £17,850

Prices for the Skoda Rapid have been announced. The entry-level Rapid S costs from £12,900, rising to £17,850 for the top-spec Rapid Elegance.

The Rapid is the first car to feature Skoda’s new design language, which was previewed by the Vision D concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

But while the concept was a hatchback, the Rapid that goes on sale in the UK on 12 November will be a saloon model.

Four petrol engines and one diesel will be available from launch, mated to either a five or six-speed manual, or seven-speed DSG dual clutch automatic.

Skoda Rapid S models get remote central locking, daytime running lights, a height-adjustable driver’s seat and electric front windows.

The Rapid SE cars add 15-inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning, a leather-covered steering wheel and Bluetooth connectivity.

Range-topping Elegance models have 16-inch alloys, front fog lamps, cruise control, a height-adjustable passenger seat and rear electric windows.

Full prices for the Skoda Rapid range are as follows:

Model Engine Power Price
S 1.2 74bhp £12,900
S 1.2 TSI 85bhp £13,700
SE 1.2 TSI 85bhp £14,650
SE 1.2 TSI 104bhp £15,350
SE 1.4 TSI 120bhp £17,150
SE 1.6 TDI 104bhp £17,100
Elegance 1.2 TSI 104bhp £16,100
Elegance 1.6 TDI 104bhp £17,850

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Hatchback or saloon it remains deadly dull to look at.

Slight error spotted .. rapid on sale in UK will definitely be a hatchback ... check skoda site if you doubt me!

I think AE have got their wires crossed. If you look at the Vision D in the inset pictures to the left of this page, it's shaped like a more traditional hatchback, whereas the production model (even though it too is a hatchback) is a three-box shape like a saloon.
I think that's what they were trying and failing to get across.

That's as maybe, but it will sell in huge numbers, and not date as quickly as anything like the DS3 or Focus etc.It has timeless elegance, and will no doubt hold it's value better than the competition too.

Yes, Vision D is supposedly the design for the new Octavia, whereas this is the car based on the MissionL concept. Love it :-).

Uninspiring and overpriced. Why would I want this when I can have a Ford Focus, Mazda 3 etc. for not much more money? Skoda, Hyundai, etc. do not represent the value for money that they once did.

Sorry, can't see anything timeless or elegant about this. Looks like a second hand taxi before it has even gone on sale!

if it is dull then what is the golf ????
the skoda prejudice is evident
they are top reliable and quality
my VRS used to go like the clappers as well
awaiting a sports deisel from skoda to emerge again

Seems a tad expensive. Ignoring the comically underpowered 3-cylinder you'd be paying £13,700 for the 1.2 TSI 85 S. An Audi A1 SE with the same engine comes in at £60 less. Even with the added practicality I don't think they can justify charging that for what is supposed to be an entry level value model.

But then you'd be stuck with a fast depreciating, and boringly sheep-like Ford or Mazda. Skoda represent excellent vfm, the quality and resale values are far higher than Ford/Hyundai et al can muster.The reliability is better too, just look at JD Power or Driver Power.

Did you go to Paris and see it in the flesh? I did, and the pictures really don't do it justice. It looks fantastic and so what if the taxi trade buy them - it proves the reliability. Look how many merc taxis there are in Germany.

True enough, something that's dull to start with cannot date, it can only get duller, particularly if specified in a sheep like shade of beige. There are plenty of decent vehicles available that have much more stylistic imagination.

why not a coupe as per original rapid? Sirocco based budget coupe would be a great addition to the range rather than another taxi? corporate benchmarking methinks.