ForTwo to head new Smart family

25 Dec, 2012 10:00am Luke Madden

Exclusive images show how the ForTwo, ForFour and new SUV will look

The next-generation Smart family is shaping up – and as well as the ForTwo and ForFour, the Mercedes-owned brand is planning a small SUV.

The ForTwo and ForFour were being co-developed with Renault, but now the French brand will only produce its own version of the larger car, which will be badged as the next-generation Twingo.

Smart has ploughed ahead with development of the ForTwo, though, and the car is due to arrive early in 2014. Our images show it’ll be inspired by the all-electric Smart Forvision concept, and get oversized headlights and a perforated grille. The tiny ForTwo’s contrasting Tridion Safety cell remains an iconic feature.

The fully redesigned interior comes with a removable tablet style-screen – just like in the VW up! – which can function as a sat-nav or trip computer.

Power is expected to come from a 64bhp 900cc petrol two-cylinder engine mounted at the rear, while an 87bhp all-electric version will arrive at the end of 2014. The ForTwo cabriolet will make a return, too. At around the same time, Smart will introduce the ForFour, which will be very slightly shorter than the new Twingo.

The company plans to use three-cylinder petrol turbos jointly developed with Renault in the ForFour, producing either 84bhp or 104bhp. Both brands’ cars will also be rear-engined.

Late in 2015, Smart will unveil a new off-roader using parts from the Renault-Nissan alliance – specifically the next-generation Juke. The as-yet-unnamed crossover will be inspired by the Forstars concept that debuted at this year’s Detroit Motor Show and powered by a range of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines with up to 148bhp.

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The other day I saw a Smart ForTwo on motorway. I have seen ForFour on motorway before but not a ForTwo at motorway speed in the fast lane. Really! It's hardly bigger than a large pod of peanuts. At that speed it looked about as safe as a mobility scooter.

It looks like a Subaru Justy...and thats not a compliment

I've never really seen the appeal of the fortwo model, its a big compromise compared to the average small city car with no compelling advantages in my mind. With the new breed of city cars being better than ever I can see this getting a hard time espscially with the hideous styling - Good call Renault!

Grisly styling on all models - for the manufacturer's sake, I hope they are quickie Photoshop renderings, not the real things.

As always, the same dunderheads have missed the all important 'Our images show...' words in the article. These are AE's own renders based on speculation and supposed design direction as hinted in concept vehicles etc etc. They're just guesses. They're always guesses.

Thank god. Autoexpress you need to get better graphic desisgners who can do justice to upcoming models.

Whatever, its still bloody hideous lol

I've had my FourTwo for some years and love it. A few minor mods got the three cylinder up to around 80 bhp which is better but not enough. It gets through traffic like a hot knife through butter, just like a FIAT 500 did in London in the '60s.

The biggest problem remains the gap between first and second gear which means you have to run it to red line every time you want to get going briskly and results in a boy racer-ish takeoff. I'm glad I bought mine when I did as I definitely won't buy one that looks like these. They are butt-ugly.

Give me the current looks, lowered 25 mm in front and 60 mm in back with the 104 bhp turbo supposedly destined for the FourFour and I'd put my money down now. Oh, and a Cirrius radio option too please.

I understand the plan for a new FourFour but drop the SUV unless you're just trying to out ugly the MINI SUV. We don't need another ugly small SUV. BMW already did it with the MINI.

Absolutely, it costs more than some of the best city cars you can buy, you get half the space, it's not comfortable or easy to drive and reliability and fit and finish are poor. Added to that the engines are lethargic and gearboxes almost laughable and dangerously slow to change gear. Try to take an opportunity to pull out at a roundabout and the engine takes aching seconds to even respond. To top it all off, the real world economy of the lauded diesel is woefully off pace with official figures. Buy a Panda/i10/Picanto/Citigo/Up! and you'll be infinitely happier.