Smart Forjeremy unveiled

28 Nov, 2012 5:54pm Damion Smy

The Smart Forjeremy - based on the ForTwo electric drive - has been unveiled at the LA Motor Show

This wild-looking Smart Forjeremy - which is based on the Smart Fortwo electric drive - is the work of US designer Jeremy Scott and has been unveiled at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

Scott’s signature wings have been added to the bodywork, and the fiber-glass extensions also illuminate to act as brake lights. There’s also eyebrow covers over the headlights, which feature black bezels, as well as chrome mirror caps and alloy wheels that have been designed to look like aircraft propellers.

There’s stark white diamond-stitched Nappa leather upholstery inside, with chrome detailing and a futuristic aircraft-like steering wheel.

The electric drivetrain, which debuts in the new Smart Fortwo electric drive next year, has a 74bhp/130Nm electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack that provides a range of up to 90 miles. It has a charge time that ranges from seven hours with the standard charging equipment, through to a rapid one-hour charge with an optional fast-charging set-up.

Smart says that the Forjeremy could go into production as a limited-edition model in 2013.

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What... in the name of God...?

pit it where it belongs in the bin

Smart, have a word with yourself....stop wasting time and effort on such rubbish and hurry up releasing the actual ED (ev).

Jeremy Scott's a designer is he? Unemployed I take it?

When I saw the name of this new smart I though it was a special edition designed by a certain BBC motoring personality of the same name....

Who on earth commissioned this monstrosity? It's even allowed to use the Smart name so they can't fob it off as an independent designer gone mad. I imagine Jezza will have received a sizeable fee for his 'work'.

Hmmm, wonder what our Jeremy would make of it :D I can see it now. "Top Gear Presenter Bursts Blood Vessel In Smart eRant"

He should be. I assumed at first it was another pathetic cock-up by that pathetic Top Gear idiot.