Vauxhall Adam revealed

11 Jul, 2012 1:00am Jack Rix

First pictures and details of the Vauxhall Adam have been released, and it will start from less than £11,000

Vauxhall has revealed the Adam – a city car that’s aiming to beat the MINI and Fiat 500 at their own game. With its stylish design, premium materials, hi-tech gadgets and huge scope for personalisation, this is the company’s most exciting new model in years.

Vauxhall is aiming to trump its rivals by offering over one million different possible trim and colour combinations. Vice president of design at GM Europe, Mark Adams, said: “No other car in this segment can be individualised as much as Adam. It’s very unlikely that you’ll find two identical Adams out there.”

Regardless of combination, it’s clear that Vauxhall has nailed the stylish part of the brief. The feature line around the door handles is lifted from the Astra GTC, while the blade crease on the flanks and eagle-eye headlights are both signature Vauxhall design cues. The wraparound windscreen and cut-off A and C-pillars with the Adam logo are unique, and the result is a look that can more than hold its own in this style-driven end of the market.

To enhance the premium feel, the headlining can be upgraded to a design dotted with LEDs that mimic the night sky – no car this side of a Rolls-Royce Phantom offers anything similar. Alternatively, you can have the headlining finished in sky blue or with a chequered flag. Then there are the gloss panels and soft-touch dash that help to give the Adam a touch of class.

Vauxhall has told us the car will be available in three trims – Jam, Glam and Slam – but won’t reveal what kit comes on which models until closer to the car’s launch in September. There is, however, a host of gadgets, including a seven-inch touchscreen display for sat-nav and Internet-based apps.

There’s also a heated steering wheel and a park assist system that will park the Adam for you.
Lowered suspension is likely to be fitted to the range-topping Slam model, along with 17-inch wheels.

To help mark it out, it will also come with a contrasting roof as standard and sportier features, like a rear spoiler. At launch, the engine line-up will kick off with a 69bhp 1.2-litre petrol, while a 1.4-litre will be offered with 86bhp or 99bhp. Stop-start will be available on each of the engines, and a five-speed manual gearbox will come as standard.

Towards the end of 2013 the Adam will be the first Vauxhall to get a new small-capacity petrol engine, thought to be a three-cylinder turbo, like Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost. It should offer around 115bhp along with economy of 60mpg and CO2 emissions under 110g/km. Along with the engine, Vauxhall will introduce a new six-speed manual gearbox.

To compete in this market, a car needs to be fun to drive, and the Adam has all the right ingredients. It’s marginally longer than a MINI, but has a 30mm wider track, which will boost stability, while MacPherson strut front suspension will help improve the car’s responses.

But Vauxhall realises the Adam will spend most of its time in town, and has fitted it with a Fiat 500-style ‘City’ button, which boosts steering assistance to make low-speed manoeuvres easier.

The Adam will be available to order once it’s officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September, but UK deliveries won’t be made until January. Prices should start at around £11,000; this undercuts the MINI, but not the smaller Fiat 500, which costs from £9,960.

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It might seem like a strange name for a car, but I assume it is named after Adam Opel, founder of the Opel brand.

Well, it looks to be brilliant, but... and it's a big BUT, however good it is I would never buy a car called the Vauxhall Adam! Ego trip for the designer! Big blunder if they persist with that name. Revive the Viva or Nova name I would advise.

"MacPherson strut front suspension will help improve the car’s responses." actually wishbones would be better
MacPherson strut are inferior

Why call ADAM? What has that got to do with Vauxhall, not to mention it's a stupid name for a car. Vauxhall Nova or Viva would be better in the UK. Besides the fact that it looks like one of those faceless cars they use in insurance adverts made to look 'brandless'. This is so derivative it hurts to look at it.

looks like a modern version of the mk1 ford ka

What's all this beef with the cars name? So what, I can't see it being an issue, I actually like the name for a car - It's the car itself that doesn't do much for me.

A mixed bag - from the front an Audi A1, elements of the new Peugeot 208 and original Ford Ka at the rear. Not a good look!

Just when we thought the A1 was ugly this hit every branch on the ugly tree it's as bad as it's name


Looks nice but as I drive a Corsa van (I can't comment about other cars in the range) but I hope it doesn't have two bug bears I have.1, the really annoying soft touch indiciters which drive you round the bend if you want to cancel them yourselves and 2, the intermittent wash wipe where you're forver switching them to full seep or off. If Vauxall eliminate these, then thats a really good start.

Oh look a 2012 Morris Minor...or is it a tribute to the original Citroen C3?

Should have called it Vauxhall Oscar; anagram of Corsa

It will be another dreary box trying to out Ka the Ka.

Fiat 500? Mini?

C'mon GM ya havin a Gerald!

A million variations?

At what price?

Add-On options line fitted are rarely cost effective 3years down the line.

I doubt that the 'Adam' production/sales levels will ever be high enough to guarantee the 10's of millions of items required to make the forecast variations workable.

As experience in the past has shown, corporate bright ideas like harlequin paint jobs, 'rainbow' seats and tartan interior trim appealed to almost no-body.

As most 'Adam' purchasers will be hire companies and corporate users, expect the Glam to be the biggest seller, but it will only feature base trim and have nothing fancy added...

GM Vauxhall have never had an iconic small car on which to base a retro cash-in revamp.

Opel had their Corvette 'Stingray lookalike in the shape of their GT. But Vauxhall spent too much time paying tribute to American gas guzzers in the 1950-60's to have anything in their corporate cupboard to offer modern owners in search of a bit of retro chic.

The smart money will remain with the Fiat 500, BMW Mini and Ford Ka. Unless a film producer comes up with a 'caper' film script using the Adam as the main chase cars...

I am at a loss as to why Vauxhall has chosen the name Adam. If they wanted to move to a more premium branding (Following Citroen's lead with the DS range), why not call it the VX3 or VX4 etc? Vauxhall has a rich history with the VX4-90 branding.

Ditch the vauxhall branding and call them all OPEL which is what they are, who's ambition is it to own a vauxhall the last true vauxhall was the viva

vauxhall don't chose anything all decisions are made by OPEL