Vauxhall Adam in shock Euro NCAP score

4 Sep, 2013 10:54am

Vauxhall Adam supermini fails to score full five stars in latest round of crash testing

Crash tester Euro NCAP has released its latest round of results – and the Vauxhall Adam has only scored four stars.

The stylish supermini was the only model of the five cars on test not to score 90 per cent or higher for adult protection, achieving a mark of 87 per cent.

It was also awarded the lowest mark for pedestrian safety – with a score of 65 per cent – and the joint lowest score for child safety, with a mark of 72 per cent.

The Mitsubishi Mirage could also manage just four stars. While the Mazda 6, Lexus IS 300h and Toyota Corolla all scored the maximum five stars.

The Adam’s low score will be a big blow to Vauxhall, as key rivals – like the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen up!, SEAT Mii and Peugeot 208 – all achieved five-star safety ratings.

But it is increasingly common for superminis to fail to pass crash tests with five stars. Of the 11 superminis tested in 2012 and 2013 to date, less than half have managed full marks.

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Surprising result for the Adam. A four star result would not really put me off personally though. That said a top spec Adam retails for about £14k and you would expect a little more for that money.

Oh dear. This is an unwelcome dose of bad publicity for Vauxhall. Who knows if it will really make a difference, though.

You have to remember that it is much harder to get five stars these days than it was even a couple of years ago.

People will buy the Adam because it's a Vauxhall and they are sheep. Just like they do with MINI's and 500's. Crap cars, but sell in the UK because of their girly cutesy factor.

Germany controlled AE will be happy that the Adam only got 4 starts. It allows them to punt the VAG/VW Grp cars even more. Call me cynical....

On first thought I would concur but where is the Adam made and why was it called the Adam in the first place? Deutschland Unter Alles perhaps.

Yes MINIs and 500s are rubbish aren't they? Clearly motoring journalists, motoring enthusiasts and million of customers are misguided. Have you ever driven a premium segment small car? Did you know the actual depreciation of a £20k MINI is similar to a £12k fiesta over three years?

post deleted

I just love when I see "premium" and "depreciation" in the same post. It's like a placebo: doesn't really feel premium but it's expensive and has low depreciation, so it must be premium :)

Having owned a MINI and seen the depreciation first hand, I can assure you that they loose far more than most main stream/traditional buys.

Adam Opel was the founder of Opel, which is the brand name for the cars in every other country but ours.

It is exactly my point! I fear you did not read my posting correctly

Sackings for the GM Designers then?? More likely it was cheapened to take cost out of it in pre-production. This is incompetence and should be rewarded with the boot. The Adam is a pretty little car and as it is based on the Corsa - which got 5 stars, I can't quite see why this one didn't.

Thank you ma'am, no slam in jam for a glam that looks like a pram.

A shock ncap score is the headline but then you end with less than half of superminis have scored full marks.

So it's not really a shock then...

What an amazingly rubbish article.

Another Vauxhall bashing from the UK media.
Why didn't your headline read..

"Opel Adam in shock Euro NCAP score"
Surely that would be the car tested.
If half the cars failed this is a non story.
Get your jounos out the pubs AE.

The big difference is Opel is not German owned.

Whilst technically correct, I think you're being unfair.

Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen dominate the UK car market. Seat and Peugeot are strong players too. ALL of these manufacturers' city cars have scored five stars... with one exception!

That's a valid news story.

Which hasn't been my experience or the experience of others in the trade over the last ten years.

That wasn't a link that I asserted. But often cars which consumers consider to be of higher quality do depreciate less because demand is higher.

I can give you an example of two car's I've owned. A Mitsubishi Colt,bought new and lost £2900 in 3 years. The MINI lost £4600 in 90 days.

Depreciation figures given by the industry are generally not worth the paper they're written on.

The Colt depreciation is incredible. I'd love to know the new price, the value at 3 years and the mileage covered. I'd also love to know how you managed to lose nearly £5k on a small car in three months.

True, and then others buy it simply because of that. In the end, it will be "premium" because of the high demand, not because of quality. You end up buying a badge.

But the same goes with most premium/luxury brands, not just cars.

True, again, I can't argue with that. But some premium cars are worthy of their status.

Thats not my experience. I had my first MINI for 3 years from new and was very pleasantly surprised at how little it cost me to change to another new one. Had this one for nearly six years now, and I'm looking to change. I'm getting some really good px offers, and (coupled with the TLC servicing pack) it means the overall cost of ownership compared to various other mainstream brands I've had in the past is very low.

The 107 and KA dont have 5 stars scores.

It actually looks like a 500 GUCCI in the pic....not a good look at all.

so what is a "premium" brand? I'll be honest - I think I know but not entirely sure :)

A Bentley might have high quality wood and leather, is fast, and put together by proper engineers who are proud of their work so is it premium because of that or because VAG can charge a "premium" over a Phaeton.

I'll never accept a BMW for example as a premium brand as its made in HUGE numbers from bits bought from suppliers that also supply the "mass market"

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