Bentley Flying Spur teased

4 Feb, 2013 4:52pm Tom Phillips

Bentley has released teaser pictures and video of the new Flying Spur ahead of the Geneva Motor Show

These are the first teaser pictures and video of the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur. The first official pictures of the new car will be released on 20 February, ahead of the car's public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The new Flying Spur is expected to follow the latest Bentley Continental GT’s evolutionary design, but with some new creases in the metalwork – particularly along the Flying Spur’s shoulder line.

Instead of running under the headlights, the crease that runs down the front wing forwards now goes above the newly redesigned headlights, instead of below it.

New tail-lights are also in evidence on the teaser video, along with slightly redesigned door mirrors and new alloy wheels.

Inside, the Flying Spur now gets new trim and equipment choices, as well as redesigned dials. The new cabin looks to be higher in quality, too.

The new Continental Flying Spur is likely to be Dirk van Braeckel's last project for Bentley, following the appointment of Luc Donckerwolke as Director of Design. Donckerwolke is currently working on a redesigned version of the Bentley EXP 9 F SUV based on customer feedback.

Like the latest Continental GT, the Flying Spur will be offered with a choice of uprated 567bhp W12 or 500bhp V8 engines. Eight-speed automatic gearboxes (instead of the current six-speed transmissions, will be offered), but all cars will remain four-wheel-drive only.

Expect prices to start at around £135,000 when the new Flying Spur goes on sale later this year. Despite the Flying Spur upgrade, this still makes it around £90,000 less than the slightly larger Mulsanne. A new version of the flagship Flying Spur Speed model is also expected later in the car’s life.

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Why bother teasing it? Everyone on the planet knows what it will look like anyway.

Does everyone on the planet know what it looks like? I do, because I've seen it, not sure about most of the others, though... It does look a lot better round the rear of the sills, the boot and the rear door/rear screen area, much less awkward. As is the name, dropping the Continental. CFS was always a bit of a mouthful. Not sure about the Cashmere paint colour, though. A little too brown and pastey.... And then there's the emissions. Yes, Sir, it's about 1.0, Sir. Yes, that's one metric tonne per kilometre, Sir.

You didn't get my reference. It will look like the rest of the Bentleys.

Point taken - even with a slightly tweaked exterior, in a world with cars that have interiors such as the Pagani Huayra, it does smack of a missed opportunity - no doubt Bentley will trot out the same old fishnet-style(???) "Mulliner" 'diamond' interior leather with engine turned fascia (which Bentley, now, incorrectly, seems to think of as "engine spun") yawn....