Man decides to bury his Bentley

20 Sep, 2013 1:07pm Jonathan Burn

A businessman is to bury his Bentley Continental Flying Spur after being inspired by the Egyptian pharaohs

A Brazilian businessman is so infatuated with his Bentley Continental Flying Spur he has revealed he plans bury it, so he can be with it in the afterlife.

In a photo published on his personal Facebook page, 62-year old Conde Chiquinho Scarpa, can be seen stood beside his £140,000 prized possession with a spade at his side. A statement from Conde Chiquinho Scarpa published along with the image said, “For those who are wavering, just yesterday I've already begun to make the hole in the yard to bury my Bentley. By the end of the week I bury him!”

A plot in the grounds of his home in Sao Paulo has already chosen for the burial. Conde Chiquinho Scarpa revealed his decision to bury his car was inspired by a programme he seen just last week based on the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, who believed that burying their treasures would enable them to be with their riches in the afterlife.

In another photograph on Conde Chiquinho Scarpa’s Facebook page, he can be seen in an excavator digging up his garden where he plans to bury the Bentley.

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Fair enough Mr Scarpa, whatever floats your boat I guess? Hmm the idea of being with your Bentley for ever in the afterlife. But aren't you supposed to be buried WITH the car?

But what if whilst he is still alive he decides the Bentley isn't very good anymore and he wants to be buried with a playboy playmate instead? Does he just dig it up and bury her instead?

I hope Bentley dont issue any recalls, I hear the dealerships in the afterlife are not very good.

Why bury it now? He might as well keep driving it a little longer. Surely this is just pre-emptying his own death?!

Why not let someone else enjoy it?