New Ford Ka 2014 pictures

17 Jul, 2013 6:00am Jack Rix

Our spies catch a disguised version of the next generation Ford Ka city car during testing

The new Ford Ka has been spotted on the road near Ford’s engineering centre in Cologne, Germany. Rumours had been circulating that the Ka was being axed from the line-up but that's clearly not the case, although it will take a fresh approach.

Rather than a fashion-focused three-door like the first two versions, the next Ford Ka will be five-door only and promises to focus on value for money and space.

Unlike the existing model, which shares its platform with the Fiat 500, the new Ka will be sold globally. It will also be based on the Figo – a budget hatch sold in developing countries that shares its underpinnings with the previous-generation Fiesta.

An inside source told us: “One Ford [the company’s global product strategy] gives us a chance to draw on what’s going on around the world – and for our next city car we won’t be reinventing the wheel.”

In order to justify its place in the Ford line-up, and take on the likes of the VW up!, the new Ka will need to be lighter and more fuel-efficient than the Fiesta. Speaking exclusively to
Auto Express, Andrew Fraser, Ford’s head of petrol engine development, explained: “The old Fiesta platform will need remodelling. By shortening it and using thinner-gauge steels where possible, we should be able to make it much lighter.”

As you can see from the spy shots (right), the bodywork has been redesigned, so as not to resemble the bug-eyed Figo (below left), or the old Fiesta. Our spy photographer also spotted a new Fiesta following this test prototype, and it appeared much larger than the disguised Ka.

In terms of engines, a diesel model is unlikely, to keep costs down and give the car global appeal. So the most obvious candidate is Ford’s new three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine, which even in non-turbocharged form can produce up to 79bhp. A two-cylinder petrol engine has already been ruled out.

“We thought about using Fiat’s TwinAir engine,” Fraser told us, “but we were already deep into development with the EcoBoost.” The new car is scheduled to debut in around eight months, which points to a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

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This looks as though it will be what the "Kay Ay" should have been not that stupid Fiesta that's had a boil wash" product of today and can't even remember what the other one was like.

Ka1 still gets noticed, Ka2 never did, Ka3 never will.

The KA 1 was quirky & noticable ... the KA 2 ... completely forgetable

I know that Ford want to be thought of in the same way as VW, but blandifying your cars isn't the way to do it.

The Ka 1 was a brilliant car from a marketing point of view if a little rough around the edges. When I see a Ka 2 I think..... should have bought the Fiat 500. Ka 3 has a sniff of City Rover about it.

Hmmm, leftovers.

Another snoring car form Ford.
Style past them by 40 years ago.

Ah, a world car this time. So there will be a properly booted four-door version; but will we get a sniff of it in the UK?

Robert, leftovers yes but do you remember the Ford Popular? In those days it was not only the obsolete model but a stripped-down version of it to boot.

They lost the plot when they stopped making the mk1 and this looks like it will be continuing that trend....

It's a Ford without any help from Fiat, it will rot away before your eye's just like all other Ford's.

The original Ka was 'leftovers' as y'all call it, it was a re-bodied mark 3 fiesta, just shows if you get the design right buyers will overlook the platform