New Ford Ka concept revealed

13 Nov, 2013 4:38pm Jonathan Burn

All-new Ford Ka concept previews car to be introduced in emerging markets in 2014, then the UK

Ford has officially unveiled the new Ford Ka concept. It's set to make production in 2014 with sales in the UK a strong possibility. The new Ka will debut in the emerging Brazilian market first. The car will also be built in Brazil alongside the recently introduced Ford EcoSport SUV, which was also developed in the country.

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The new Ford Ka concept has a far more grown-up image when compared to the current model. The design incorporates Ford’s familiar wide-mouthed grille, like that seen on Ford’s bigger models such as the Focus and Mondeo. Raked back headlights and swooping lines along the body also give a more striking appearance.

Although there are no images of the interior, Ford claims an impressive amount of kit will be fitted to the entry-level car. Air-conditioning and iPod compatibility will both feature on the model. The company also claims that, despite the car's small dimensions, there will be space for five occupants.

The new Ka will enter emerging markets in South America and South Asia first, where demand for sub-B segment cars is rising – by 2017 growth in the markets is predicted to make up 44 per cent of global sub-B segment cars.

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No technical information or engine details have been announced as yet but Ford promises ‘class leading fuel economy’. It's thought that the five-door car will use the platform of the Ford Figo - a car built on the previous generation Fiesta underpinnings.

“The Ford Ka Concept is aimed at customers in growth markets who want and expect more,” said Joe Hinrichs, president of The Americas for Ford Motor Company, “It will delight consumers with its sleek design, clever technology, attention-to-detail quality and superb craftsmanship. It’s truly another global design and engineering milestone for Ford.”

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I like the New Ford Ka Concept that has been revelaed

Wow, how to make a Kia Rio and Dacia Sandero look overpriced!

what a munter

Better than the current one, but sadly, still another boring-looking Ford.

The Original KA was a success because it was small and funky. The successor remained true to this, but perhaps wasn't as stylish as a fiat 500 or drove as well as the original KA so hasn't done as well.

This concept is neither small or funky. It looks like a boring five door small fiesta.

Come on ford, with the original ford you created a true modern day mini - at least try to do it again!

Doesn't look like this is for Europe to be honest.

Quite attractive car! Bravo ford for created another winner. Will be a smashing hit!

The front looks a Mercedes Class A and the rear a VW Polo, but its very neat and attractive.

So this is what the Aston Martin Cygnet would have looked like if they'd used a Kia Picanto instead of a Toyota iQ as the donor...

Rear end is a carbon copy of Dacia Sandero, what a shame.
Fascia is OK to me however, looks better proportioned than a Fiesta...

I always felt the mark 1 Ka was underrated as people stereotyped it by its exterior looks - shame as those
people missed out on a good car. It was nippy and fun to drive due to the chassis.
The mark 2 never appealed to me as it lacked the fun drive.
I hope the mark 3 Ka inherits the mark 1 strengths and goes on to be a true successor.

I don't think we will see this in Europe. The DT has done a review on it and it seems that the Ka Concept is intended mainly for emerging markets. The car that Europe gets is likely to differ significantly from this.

Those rose-tinted specs of yours must be very effective!

I think a product like this and the awful looking forthcoming Mondeo shows that Ford have lost the plot. The Kuga is another abomination that should really have stayed in the land of apple pie and large backsides.

Just an alternative Fiesta, they could have launched this in 2009 and no one would have batted an eyelid as the new Fiesta, not sure of the point of it if it is as much as £8500 in the UK. Still almost 50% more than the entry Sandero model.

It's bloody hideous

Not a million miles from the Mitsu Mirage!

Couldn't agree more - one of the best handling cars I've ever had - it was a bargain too at pre-reg prices.

I bought mine in summer '05 on a '05-plate with 2 miles on the clock for £4795. Sold it 2 years later for £3325 with over 30k on the clock. Absolutely tremendously cheap (and fun) motoring :-)

Downsides of the old Ka were rust. Even at less than a year old mine was starting to rust (first signs). Ford never addressed the key areas round the filler cap and the door sill to rear wing area. This was very poor. Same with the Puma.

The current Ka looks too narrow and bland (but doesn't seem to rust!). The trim inside many versions (flowery patterns) is clearly too focused on a female market.
This early look at the next Ka looks a bit bland too but If it drove well and was priced well (and didn't have girly trim/features), I'd consider one.

I remember driving a fair few mk1 Ford Ka's from rental companies, and I would agree that it was a very perky car to drive with fun handling. One of the downsides I can clearly recall though, was the brakes - which leaved a bit to be desired!

Agreed - I could get 80mph out of 3rd (on a track, of course!). Yes, the brakes could have been more powerful. I've had worse though. The Ka was preceded for me by a Fiat Seicento that at the mere hint of rain would have binding brakes. The Ka never had that problem so I was comparatively happy :-)

Good god....Ford just can't design a car anymore! They were that scared of messing the focus up, they simply made a bigger fiesta....and that is their only tactic. The B-Max looks like a budget car designed in India 10 years ago, as does the monstrosity shown above. I think they would do well to shift their European design arm to the Uk...not sure where it is done currently, but at a guess I would say Germany, or worse!