Honda Civic Type R 2015: pics and specs plus new ad reveals all

20 Feb, 2015 3:12pm Steve Walker

The new Honda Civic Type R has been spotted in a new TV ad - it'll cost around £30,000 and has a 290bhp turbocharged engine

If you're a fan of the Type R brand, you've been waiting for a very long time for the new hot version of the Honda Civic to appear. The new Type R is extremely close to being revealed in full, however, with a new TV ad (below) showing a glimpse of the production car.

There is so much heritage behind the Type R name that this one has a lot to live up to - but with its striking looks and powerful turbocharged engine it's gettign fans excited for the final reveal. The order books are open now for buyers prepared to pay a £3,000 deposit, and we have all the engine and spec details here.

The Geneva Motor Show in March next year will play host to the new hot Civic, with first deliveries expected in summer 2015. We predict it will start at just under £30,000, putting it directly inbetween the VW Golf GTI and the 4x4 Golf R. The 2.0 litre petrol engine will this time receive a turbocharger, boosting power to anything up to 290bhp, making it highly competitive in terms of hot hatch bragging rights.

White-hot new Honda Civic Type R to hit 167mph

It's been revealed that the top speed of the new car will be 167mph – just 7mph behind the new four-wheel-drive, 362bhp Audi RS3 and 2mph faster than the old 345bhp Ford Focus RS500.

The eye-popping top speed is down to the Civic’s clever aerodynamic package, which uses a flat underbody, rear diffuser, big rear wing, front splitter and carefully shaped side skirts to balance downforce with drag and boost high-speed stability.

Also confirmed are specifically designed Brembo brakes that use four-piston calipers to grab 350mm drilled discs at the front. These sit behind the unique 19-inch wheels. The production car also has a tweaked front end, featuring round foglights and larger intakes to help the new 2.0-litre VTEC turbo engine’s heat management.

The new instrument cluster has been revealed, too, displaying a rev counter that reads up to 8,000rpm and a +R button left of the dials. This will sharpen throttle response, turn up the exhaust volume and add weight to the steering.

Honda reveals second Civic Type R Concept in Paris

Honda sent hot hatch fans into a frenzy again by unveiling another Honda Civic Type-R concept at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Forgoing the classic Civic Type R red in favour or an eye-catching blue paint-job the concept was unveiled along with extensive details and specs.

It’s no secret that Honda is chasing the front-wheel-drive lap record at Germany’s Nurburgring race track with the hot Civic and, in its quest to succeed, a new 2.0-litre i-VTEC turbocharged engine will be its trump card – the first turbocharged engine to be fitted to a Type R model. And, like every flagship Civic before it, the newcomer will only be available with a six-speed manual gearbox.

Honda is reluctant to disclose final specs, but it has promised in excess of 278bhp – more power than the 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine delivered in the NSX Type R supercar. Unofficially, that should ensure the new model cracks the 0-62mph sprint in around six seconds.

Civic Type R voted Paris Motor Show star car

Auto Express readers voted the Honda Civic Type-R concept as their favourite car from the 2014 Paris Motor Show in an online poll. The Honda hot hatch received 2,290 votes, which equated to a stunning 32% of the 7,000-plus votes received.

The Civic Type-R saw off competition from other Paris showstoppers like the Mercedes-AMG GT, which received 17% of the votes, the Mazda MX-5 (11%), and the Lamborghini Asterion (7%). Audi’s TT Sportback concept and the Fiat 500X also received 7% of the vote.

Beating the world’s favourite roadster, the Mazda MX-5, as well as exotic supercars from Mercedes and Lamborghini is a great achievement for the high-performance Civic. It shows the depth of public goodwill towards the Type-R hot hatch and bodes well for the fortunes of the production version that’s due in 2015.

Advanced front suspension for the new Civic Type R

Helping ensure all that oomph doesn’t dissipate into plumes of tyre smoke, the Civic Type R will feature a new steer-axis front suspension set-up. In practice, the system will allow drivers to extract maximum performance by reducing torque steer and smoothing out power delivery to the front wheels under hard acceleration.

Another feature to debut on the Civic is the +R driving mode. Enabled via a button on the dashboard, +R sharpens up the responsiveness of the engine, extracts greater performance from the turbocharged motor and gives the steering more weight.

So that it can compete with the likes of the SEAT Leon Cupra and VW Golf GTI in terms of ability, the Type R will also feature a new four-point Adaptive Damper System. This has been specifically designed for the new model and is able to manipulate the firmness of the front and rear dampers automatically depending on the driving conditions.

At slower speeds or when cruising, the dampers will automatically adjust to a softer set-up to provide a more comfortable and supple ride. Yet with more aggressive driving, the dampers will become noticeably firmer to serve up better body control and greater agility.

Even more extreme Honda Civic Type R is possible

Honda has also admitted an even more extreme version of the Civic Type R isn’t an impossible dream. At the Paris Motor Show, chief engineer Hisayuki Yaga said that Honda would be prepared to follow the example of the likes of SEAT and Renault by making even wilder versions if there is demand from customers.

“The Type R is already a very special, extreme version. We have been pursuing the ultimate performance,” he said. “But of course technically everything is possible, depending on customer demand. If there is a big noise in the market requiring even more extreme performance, this is something we might consider, even though at the moment it is not in planning.”

SEAT and Renaultsport have traded blows with their extreme Leon and Mégane, with the cars becoming ever more basic, and Yaga admitted this would not be a problem for Honda, too.

“Reducing weight is one measure we could think about,” he said. “It would be like creating a race car from a road car. But it’s not just stripping off weight – we could use technology to do this too.”

“Our intention is to exceed the performance of our competitors, and not just cars that are being developed especially for track use,” he said. “That could be from a standing start, in-gear acceleration, a lap time on the Nürburgring – everything.”

And Yaga was keen to allay fans’ fears that the use of a turbo would dilute the new car’s appeal. “The turbo is just a tool, a measure to achieve certain performance. It’s not just an engine with a turbo unit. It is a Honda VTEC engine with a turbo unit on top. The characteristics will not be spoiled by the turbo. It will have the ultimate performance we have ever created in a Type R without spoiling the traditional DNA.”

However, Yaga confirmed there will be no Type R Tourer, despite the estate’s potential being demonstrated by a race car in this year’s BTCC series. “When I see a station wagon I see the characteristics of a grand tourer rather than a Type R,” he said.

Honda Civic Type-R Concept: 2014 Geneva Motor Show 

The first sighting of the Honda Civic Type-R concept came at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. It looks more like a WTCC racer without the stickers and roll cage than a road car. And according to senior project designer Masaru Hasegawa, that's exactly what Honda intended.

“The current Civic line-up isn’t very exciting, so we needed to come up with something for European Honda fans that also fits our performance heritage,” he told Auto Express. “Now, the Type R is aimed at the VW Golf R and Ford Focus RS. Those cars are subtle and more sophisticated-looking. But we wanted ours to be different and distinctive.”

Honda Civic Type R price & release date

The Honda Civic Type R price will be around £30,000, in order for it to compete with its main hot hatch rivals. The release date hasn't been narrowed down yet, but we expect the car to be officially unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, with an on sale date at some point later in 2015.

2015 Honda Civic Type R: specs

As is traditional, the Type R will be sold in a limited palette, including the Championship White launch colour. However, the Geneva concept is painted bright red with gold flakes, while the Paris version was bright blue. Says Hasegawa-san: “This shows that despite the car’s outrageous looks, it’s very professional. It highlights the flared wings, and how the standard car’s creases are retained and integrated into the new look.”

The Type R will be sold in a number of versions, catering both for drivers who want a more hardcore model and those who’d like to use it every day.

Hasegawa-san adds that a Civic Type R Tourer isn’t out of the question, with the same engine but a toned-down look. Yet that would depend on demand – especially from the UK, where the car will be built and where most of the latest hot Hondas are likely to be sold.

Honda Civic Type R Concept: exclusive fans viewing video

Honda Civic Type R at the Nurburgring

Honda also showed an extended video of the Type R prototype in action on the famous German circuit being tested to its limits by (among others) WTCC driver Gabriele Tarquini and we heard the noise of the turbo engine for the first time and got a look inside the cabin.

It has lost the high-pitched note of the high-revving old twin-cam V-TEC engine, but still sounds sporty with a deeper, throatier rumble. Famous corners like the carousel were included in the video and the in-car footage shows how hard the driver is pushing, but a source from within the company told us that they had already come close to beating the record at the first attempt with this batch of prototypes.

How do you think the new Honda Civic Type R will rank compared to the best hot hatchbacks currently on sale? Let us know in the comments section below...

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Honda are back!

Finally an exciting car from Honda, they have been so boring recently and the new civic is just plain ugly. This type R version is right up my street. Now just please make a crz that isn't a hybrid and with a turbo engine and bring back the S2000.

Very wild exciting design, but 30 grand? Still a Golf R is around 28k so... About time they made some sort of new sports car.

Despite being a 5 door, lol oh the CRZ is being discontinued soon along with Insight :( if only we in UK get the Accord and Civic coupe like what they have in the stateside, cars that are interesting and got the power we don't get here, the irony....

Agreed the USA Accord and Civic coupé look ace and I think would sell well here ! also if they brought the Integra back then my life would be complete.

Loved my old civic type r 2007 shape (fn2)
Can't wait until this new type r, honda has addressed the last type r's downfalls with more torque and power with the help of the turbo, should be more drivable than the last.
And a "claimed 31 mpg" on the previous type r, more like 21mpg

FWD? moving on

the new civic is ugly , Honda are trying too hard to be diffirent

Whew. 30K pounds is high. Same price as a Corvette over here!

30,000 British pounds = $57,000 US!

I Really Hope That The Civic Will Come To The States It Will Be The Frist Civic Supper charged Stock!! And With Vtec Mortor Will put Honda Even Higher On The Map.

This looks bl00dy amazing - especially that rear end. What a car.

The ridiculous carry handle on the back needs to go. It's an embarrassment.

You can't do a straight currency conversion, that 30k includes a 20% VAT. Look up the UK price for a Focus ST or GTI and convert that and tell me of it matches the US price.

I love my Type-S and agree Honda has a market here for the new Type-R is they just bring it to the US.

WRX all the way. This thing will well over 30k and FWD is freaking boring.

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