Honda Civic Type R 2015 revealed in Geneva: prices, pics and video

4 Mar, 2015 5:00pm Steve Walker

Honda's 167mph Civic Type R debuts at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 with news of an even faster version on the way

After months of teaser images, prototypes and heavily disguised spy shots, the production-ready Honda Civic Type R has landed at the Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed a “race car for the road”, the newcomer is primed to take on Ford's new Focus RS, also debuting at the show. 

• We've finally driven the new Honda Civic Type R! Click here to read our full review.

Honda has announced that its hot Civic will be priced from £29,995 with the GT version adding £2,300 to that figure. The Japanese brand also revealed that new mega hatch has set a scorching time around the Nurburgring Nordschelife with a lap of 7 minutes 50.63s in close to production spec guise. Honda has also hinted that a lightweight track-focused version of the Civic Type R could be on the way, scroll down the page for more. 

2015 Honda Civic Type R Geneva reveal video

The new Civic Type R features a 2.0-litre turbocharged VTEC petrol engine, producing 306bhp and 400Nm of torque. The engine red lines at 7,000rpm, and delivers peak torque from as little as 2,500rpm.

This will help propel the hot hatch from 0-62mph in only 5.7 seconds, and on to a top speed of 167mph. All cars will use a six-speed manual gearbox, with power routed through the front wheels, unlike the all-wheel drive Focus RS. 

In an attempt to rein in all 306bhp, Honda has installed new adaptive dampers, while the dual-axis strut front suspension system is claimed to reduce torque steer by 50 per cent compared to the standard Civic. The R will also get electric – rather than hydraulic – power-steering.

Owners will be able to choose between driving modes, including +R, which heightens engine and throttle responsiveness, reduces electric power-steering assistance and firms up the damping for tighter body control.

Honda Civic Type R: design details

Styling wise, the Championship White Type R on display in Geneva is as imposing and dramatic as we were hoping for. As with the pair of concepts shown last year, this production-ready car gets the same sculpted front end and aggressive stance, as well as a huge rear wing and quad exhausts.

Honda says all these features serve a functional purpose, making the car more aerodynamic, with immense high-speed stability. The new Civic Type R gets a completely flat underside that works with therear diffusers to optimise downforce. The rear wing has been precision engineered for the same reason, but with its angle, height and shape carefully calculated to limit drag at higher speeds.

The wide front splitter and deep side skirts also manage airflow, while reducing lift, and the front bumper is sculpted to prevent turbulence around the front wheels – making the car more stable as a result. Elsewhere, the gaping vents send air to the turbocharged engine, with separate holes above the wheels and behind the arches designed to channel air and improve cooling.

Completing the look is a set of 19-inch alloys, shod in 235/35 rubber specifically developed for the Type R. All cars also get a Brembo brake package, with four-piston calipers applying stopping power to 350mm drilled discs.

Honda Civic Type R interior

Inside, there’s a pair of high-backed suede seats, a leather-wrapped sports steering wheel, aluminium gearlever and roof lining trimmed in black fabric. Elsewhere, the cabin largely mirrors the recently facelifted standard Civic hatch, with the new Android-based infotainment system and upgraded materials.

At launch, a luxurious GT pack will also be offered. It adds red highlights to the outside, plus parking sensors, auto lights and wipers, and electrically folding door mirrors. Inside, there’s an integrated Garmin sat-nav and a premium eight-speaker stereo. 

Prices and exact specifications will be announced closer to the on-sale date this summer, but we’d expect the Type R to cost around £30,000 to keep it in line with the Focus RS, and ahead of less powerful rivals such as the Seat Leon Cupra 280.

Even more extreme Honda Civic Type R is possible

Yagi-san, project lead for the new Honda Civic Type R, has hinted that a faster and more focused model could be on the way. 

Honda announced it had broken the Renault Megane 275 Trophy-R’s 7:54.36 front-wheel-drive Nurburgring lap time. The new Honda Civic Type R – which goes on sale later this year – posted a 7:50.63, beating the Renault by over three seconds.

In an interview with Auto Express at the Geneva Motor Show, Yagi-san confirmed that should another manufacturer go on and trump the Civic’s time, the company had tricks up its sleeve to counter.

“The Nurburgring is a very representative track. In order to be the fastest front-wheel-driven car in the world, it was essential to also have and break the lap record on the Nurburgring. It was one of the key requirements of the concept.

“Of course, if that record is going to be broken one day, that would be the starting line again for a new challenge from our side – in order to gain back the attribute of being the fastest front-wheel-driven car on the Nurburgring.”

As a result, he agreed there was definite potential for a stripped-out, lightweight, track-ready version, with more power and grippier tyres.

“The Civic Type R shown today has all the standard equipment including safety features and security systems. If we talk about a further specialised car, we’ll really be focusing on track usage, with lightweight and more. Increasing the power to weight ratio will be necessary and we believe there is still quite some room for improvement in that direction.”

Like the Renault Megane Trophy R, the faster Type R is likely to scrap things like rear seats, air-conditioning and a radio, in favour of a higher-output engine, a scaled-back interior and a rigidity-improving roll cage. Exact details may not be revealed until a later date – or indeed until Honda’s 7 min 50 second Nurburgring lap time is broken.

Honda Civic Type R at the Nurburgring

The 2015 Honda Civic Type R has set a new benchmark for front-wheel performance hatchbacks on the fearsome Nürburgring Nordschleife. Honda announced that a development car did a 7-minute 50.63-second lap time of the legendary 12.9-mile circuit back in May 2015, and you can see it in the video above. 

The Civic Type R that completed the lap wasn't in production guise though. The engine, suspension, drivetrain, exhaust, brakes, wheels, tyres and aerodynamic package were standard but air conditioning, the front passenger seat and audio equipment were removed to offset the weight of a full roll cage.

Honda now hopes to follow up the achievement by laping the 'ring in a full production version of the Civic Type R later this year with the aim of setting a new official lap record for front-wheel-drive production cars.

Honda Civic Type-R Concept: 2014 Geneva Motor Show 

The first sighting of the Honda Civic Type-R concept came at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. It looks more like a WTCC racer without the stickers and roll cage than a road car. And according to senior project designer Masaru Hasegawa, that's exactly what Honda intended.

“The current Civic line-up isn’t very exciting, so we needed to come up with something for European Honda fans that also fits our performance heritage,” he told Auto Express. “Now, the Type R is aimed at the VW Golf R and Ford Focus RS. Those cars are subtle and more sophisticated-looking. But we wanted ours to be different and distinctive.”

Honda Civic Type R Concept: exclusive fans viewing video

How do you think the new Honda Civic Type R will rank compared to the best hot hatchbacks currently on sale? Let us know in the comments section below...

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Honda are back!

Finally an exciting car from Honda, they have been so boring recently and the new civic is just plain ugly. This type R version is right up my street. Now just please make a crz that isn't a hybrid and with a turbo engine and bring back the S2000.

Very wild exciting design, but 30 grand? Still a Golf R is around 28k so... About time they made some sort of new sports car.

Despite being a 5 door, lol oh the CRZ is being discontinued soon along with Insight :( if only we in UK get the Accord and Civic coupe like what they have in the stateside, cars that are interesting and got the power we don't get here, the irony....

Agreed the USA Accord and Civic coupé look ace and I think would sell well here ! also if they brought the Integra back then my life would be complete.

Loved my old civic type r 2007 shape (fn2)
Can't wait until this new type r, honda has addressed the last type r's downfalls with more torque and power with the help of the turbo, should be more drivable than the last.
And a "claimed 31 mpg" on the previous type r, more like 21mpg

FWD? moving on

the new civic is ugly , Honda are trying too hard to be diffirent

Whew. 30K pounds is high. Same price as a Corvette over here!

30,000 British pounds = $57,000 US!

I Really Hope That The Civic Will Come To The States It Will Be The Frist Civic Supper charged Stock!! And With Vtec Mortor Will put Honda Even Higher On The Map.

This looks bl00dy amazing - especially that rear end. What a car.

The ridiculous carry handle on the back needs to go. It's an embarrassment.

You can't do a straight currency conversion, that 30k includes a 20% VAT. Look up the UK price for a Focus ST or GTI and convert that and tell me of it matches the US price.

I love my Type-S and agree Honda has a market here for the new Type-R is they just bring it to the US.

WRX all the way. This thing will well over 30k and FWD is freaking boring.

Hondas that looked good, unlike any cars they sell in the UK today.

What did they do to the awesome concept car shown months ago?? I was thinking like mad to finance this beauty of a sports car. They made a swan out of an ugly duck (normal civic). But now they screwed it badly... all the awesomeness is gone. What a pity! I would have loved to buy the concept car. Hopefully it comes back as a special edition. My heartfelt condolences also to the designer of the origial concept.

My thoughts exactly!

Looks like a prius on steroids man... wtf is this! The regular si looks better

And finally we get the production car and Honda have bottled it again by not having the rear wing as on the "concepts." This one looks like a poor excuse. Also, one of the engineers spoke about using a hydraulic steering and now we hear it's going to be electric. This was once a great company, now it just seems like hot air. On the up side, the video of the N'ring does show the car to be incredibly stable so it may drive well after all. If they mess this up then all those stickers on the back of fast Renaults with the guy pissing on a Honda will be true.

I hope the electric power-steering isn't as feel-less as that on the Jazz. Heaven forbid!

Yes it might be near the price of an Audi S3 or Golf R, but they both look as boring as sin! It's a relief to finally see a car that looks stunning and makes you drool. German rep mobiles just don't do it for me any more. This car looks truly exciting, can't wait to see it on UK roads.

looks the part, reminds me of the old focus rs 2 styling, wild and over the top, love it. 30k reasonable for everything you get, bets hot hatchs are 4wd now though with that much power, will get beaten straight line by golf r and merc a45...

Just wait until master of all HH returns in 2016.Hail to MEGANE.

A 300bhp 4wd hatchback will not suffer significant wheel spin on the level of a powerful fwd car if you launch less than perfectly. Not least of all these days with dynamic 4wd and launch systems on cars that cost the same as this fwd civic and can shift their power around as they see fit- the focus, golf and audi for example.

This will also suffer at least SOME torque steer. Don't matter what you do with trick diffs and electronic aids it exists even on the Renault 275 and the Leon. It's inevitable.

This will also be rubbish at putting power down when it's wet. They all are hopeless even in 3rd and 4th gear, the masses of torque just spins up the front wheels or sets the traction control into spasms if you plant your foot hard. It don't matter again what it is, it's inevitable.

Those 4WD cars will just rocket off and be unbelievable all the same.

Honda say 5.7s 0-62. The golf r has been tested by autocar and can do it nearly a full second faster- with two people on board, half a tank of fuel and in the WET! Haha!

Honda has good product that seems to have demand for it but will not bring it to the US. A very STUPID move for Honda. Honda has been behind in sales for years and will continue to lag behind competitors. I would buy Civic Type R in a heartbeat and will not look at any other models by Honda. Sorry Honda.

yet, it trumps way more expensive cars (including rwd and awd on a track). Typical Honda, they don't follow the herd, but have it their way and it works.