Infiniti Q50 pictures leak

13 Jan, 2013 6:31pm Tom Phillips

The Infiniti Q50 has been leaked online, following a mistake by Infiniti’s official Canadian website

These are the first pictures of the all-new Infiniti Q50. The rival for the BMW 3 Series isn’t scheduled to make its official debut until the Detroit Motor Show press days kick off tomorrow.

However, a ‘mistake’, intentional or otherwise, by Infiniti’s official Canadian website has seen the new Q50 revealed a day early. The images have since been removed.

While the full details remain under wraps, you can see from the pictures that the newcomer features many design cues from the all-electric Infiniti LE concept car which debuted at the New York Motor Show in 2012.

A curvaceous grille marks out the Q50’s nose, while design flourishes are limited to twin exhaust tailpipes and an inverted kink in the C-pillar.

While the design is low-key, the Q50 is expected to feature a more luxurious interior than its predecessor, the G-Series saloon, that’s packed with technology.

While the Infiniti LE concept was electric powered, the production Infiniti Q50 is expected to feature V6 petrol engines and a petrol-electric hybrid option. The Q50 will make its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, where it will be shown with Mercedes-sourced four-cylinder petrol and diesel units.

The Infiniti Q50 will debut at the same motor show as the all-new Lexus IS. Lexus’ newcomer is receiving positive reviews since its unveil online last week, as it features a much more radical look than its predecessor.