Updated Jeep Grand Cherokee revealed

14 Jan, 2013 5:05am Luke Madden

Jeep has given the revised Grand Cherokee a dramatic new nose for 2013

Jeep has revealed a facelifted Grand Cherokee at the Detroit Motor Show, with bolder styling, a new eight-speed automatic gearbox and an updated interior.

New Chrysler 300C-inspired headlights now sit either side of a shorter take on Jeep’s seven-slot grille. At the rear are larger tail-lights and a more pronounced Jeep badge in the centre of the bootlid. Inside is a new centre console complete with a five-inch or 8.4-inch touchscreen, depending on the model.

Analogue dials are replaced by a customisable TFT screen, while all cars get a new three-spoke steering wheel and a fresh gearstick controls the new auto box. The current Grand Cherokee has a five-speed auto in the UK, but the eight-speeder promises to boost efficiency, smoothness and performance. Economy is expected to rise from 34mpg to around 38mpg, and the 0-62mph time is set to fall from 8.2 seconds to just under eight seconds.

New tech includes a Forward Collision Alert system that warns the driver if they’re approaching the car in front too quickly. The set-up will also pre-tense the braking system to help the Jeep stop quickly. A slight price increase over the current £37,995 starting figure is expected when the Grand Cherokee arrives later this year.

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just looked pinched with those headlights, like an angry bird :P

Those tiny lights are comical!

Overpriced american crap quality tat.

Won't sell.

Do you reckon they've made the badge bigger so people can work out what make of car this is? Apart from the grille, I can't see anything uniquely "Jeep" about this.Just another generic 4x4.

Look at the price in the US though , look at the sales in the US ( I can afford a new one there whilst in the UK I thought a new Fiesta was too expensive for me)
PS a "rubberised" dashboard & damped grab handles do not equal quality by the way

Thankfully i dont live in the US however... so i have to consider how much it will cost me in the UK... and at the same price as a top end Q5, there is no comparison im afraid... the audi has more style and quality than the Jeep could ever have!