MG3 price revealed

1 Aug, 2013 12:16pm Jonathan Burn

Prices and spec for the MG3 supermini have been revealed and all models will start from less than £10,000

Prices and specification for the MG3 have been announced. With prices starting from £8,399 and rising to £9,999, the competitively priced MG3 seriously undercuts its rivals and is hoping to strike a cord with young buyers.

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Despite the MG3's bargain price, equipment has not been sacrificed. All models come with LED lights, electronic hill hold assist, six airbags and sport seats, while all but the entry level model featuring a DAB radio.

From launch four models will be availble, all fitted with a 105bhp 4-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol engine returning 47.8mpg and emitting 136g/km of CO2. The MG3 will be good for a 0-62mph time of 10.9 seconds and a top speed of 108mph. A 5-speed manual gearbox will also be fitted to all models.

The entry level MG3 in 3TIME trim will cost owners £8,399 and is fitted with CD player and iPod compatibility in addition to all of the standard equipment.

The MG3 in mid-range 3FORM trim is priced at £9,299 and features Bluetooth, air-con, leather steering wheel, audio streaming and steering wheel mounted controls. Customers can also spec the 3FORM SPORT priced at £9,549, which includes all of the equipment in the 3FORM but with the additional sports body kit and alloy wheels from the top of the range MG3 3STYLE.

Other features of the £9,999 range-topping 3STYLE include cruise control, automatic lights and wipers, reverse parking sensors, plus the sports body kit and 16-inch alloy wheels.

The MG3 also comes with a 3yr/60,000 mile warranty and will be available in dealerships later this month.

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In my opinion, £8,399 is not a bad starting point for a 105bhp 5-door hatchback.
Depending on the specs and the safety rating, MG may have got a foot in the door.

Pricing and spec are spot on, its looks pretty good and the customisation options are just what young drivers want. MG have done well here, they just need to make sure they tell people about it now! Get the marketing sorted out

Pricing is bang on the money. Ive seen people saying they are after the Saxo market of old. Since this market does not exist anymore then I doubt it, its aimed at the market that would buy a Fiat 500 or a Mini but maybe need either a cheaper version or simply the 5 door option. Ive been in one already and it drivers well and is actually on par with the current generation of Alfa's and the like for build quality. The 1.5 engine is co-designed with General Motors so its going to be a well developed unit, though it does lack power. Roll on the turbo version.

Isn't this the one Clarkson had to push when the stop-start failed? Surely price is a misprint? To make any more than 3 sales it'll need to be around £839.99?

Pure joke of a car. Anyone who pays even £2k for this POS needs their head examining.

This car will flop - dont care what you say. It is about as serious as Itchy & Scratchy.

Pure death trap in making. Save your money and invest in a bus-pass.

Pointless comment containing no constructive criticism or opinions, just the ramblings of a moron.

Oh, and no, it isnt the same model that Clarkson stalled.

A great looking car - designed and engineered in Britain too! Bargain pricing too.

What a moronic comment. Joke of a car? why? Deathtrap? why?

Another troll

I honestly dont know why these people seem insistent on trolling MG news. Pathetic.

I hate to think what the depreciation on one of these will be like after a couple of years.

Excellent pricing for a good looking little car. All being fair, it should do very well indeed.

simple answer - no


given the very low price new, i'd imagine the depreciation will also be very low indeed. Fiats have awful depreciation, but the 500 is one of the lowest depreciating cars around due to its low selling price and desirability.

what an ignorant pillock you are, you can't even get the car right, let alone anything else, why don't you just get back to doing your homework and leave the sensible things to the adults

you base you totally pathetic comments on what exactly, uh, yeah thats right nothing because you don't know what youre talking about, why don't you join the other idiot above and just go back to school

it will be no different in percentage/cash wise than any of the others, I would rather lose 50% of £8k than 33% of £15k

Brilliantly priced, well specified, and as i have already been in one, a great little car, nippy and quite quiet around town, a little puffy at higher speed, but low down poke is very good indeed.

Nice to see the AutoExpress Gestapo out onthe beat...

This will struggle, particularly as the competition is tough and well-established. There are hardly any dealers (which doesn't bode well for the future of the marque) and the MG brand means little to the younger drivers this car is supposedly aimed at. Also why no 5 year/100,000 mile warranty to tempt potential buyers? Rather less than the sum of its parts, I'm afraid.

On the other hand, they may not. I shall follow the progress (or otherwise) of the 3 with interest. The best of luck to them, but I suspect that this will not live up the rather unrealistic expectations of many of the posters here.

This looks quite hopeful as a starting point, as the MG6 is quite a rare sight this will need to sell in bigger numbers. MG need a dealer network and a visible presence.

Most posters here are dreamers and BSers driving 10 year old Peugeots.

MG are doing OK in BTCC, a bit more marketing is still required though.

It needs more engine options to compete. At least a sub-100 g/km unit or it will struggle.