MG3 Trophy Championship concept revealed

30 Jun, 2014 5:37pm Luke Madden

New MG3 hot hatch concept gets 204bhp and a limited-slip differential

MG has unveiled the MG3 Trophy Championship concept at an event celebrating the brand’s 90th anniversary. It was designed to gauge public reaction to a racing version of MG’s supermini.

It’s based on a standard MG3 but with the 1.5-litre engine tuned to produce 204bhp, which is up from 104bhp in the standard car. Torque has also been boosted from 136Nm to 260Nm.

As well as the additional power, MG says the 3 has been through a ‘fully-body lightening programme’, but claims that the car is no less stiff. To help boost handling, it’s been fitted with a limited-slip diff, adjustable front suspension, a new rear anti-roll bar and an adjustable rear spoiler.

The MG90 event was held at Silverstone and passenger laps were offered through the weekend, with MG’s BTCC drivers Jason Plato and Sam Tordoff at the wheel.

MG says that the Trophy Championship concept also highlights ‘in-house engineering, design and calibration capabilities by SMTC UK at Longbridge, the home of MG.

The British firm will be looking to boost its racing image after three consecutive years in the BTCC. The MG team managed to finish the 2013 and 2012 BTCC seasons in second place.

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The rear spoiler is an abomination to me and would be nothing less than a total embarrassment.

I fear that the great money spinner that this will be for MG will mean the end of BTCC, Jason has had enough, he said as much on live TV at the weekend, "I want a rear drive car", and other comments he has made before and since.

MG dont seem to get it, you get out of it what you put in, and they launched a BTCC edition MG6 which was no different to the standard car, except for half a dozen stickers, and black wheels, WHIPYDOO....

Maybe I will be proved wrong, but i dont think MG will be there next year.

Sorry??? "The British firm..."??? Maybe it's registered in Britain, but... stop-the-presses... I think you may find that, actually, it's.... ssshh... Chinese.

We know this. But if you were to suggest that Volvo were anything other than Swedish I would disagree.