VW Group commits to plug-in tech

26 Sep, 2012 10:00pm Jack Rix

VW Group CEO announces seven new plug-in hybrids in three years

Speaking at the VW Group evening the night before the Paris Motor Show, CEO and Chairman of the VW Group, Dr Martin Winterkorn, has revealed plans to introduce seven plug-in hybrids over the next three years. He called the hybrid technology "the best of both worlds."

The plan is to introduce the technology, branded 'e-hybrid' on the facelifted Porsche Panamera - due in early 2013 - first, hence the decision to fit a plug-in powertrain to the Panamera Sport Turismo concept, also revealed today.

The Porsche technology combines a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine with a powerful electric motor to produce a total of 416bhp - enough to catapult the Panamera from 0-62mph in under six seconds.

With a fully-charged battery an electric-only range of 20-miles, up to speeds of 80mph is possible (before the petrol engine kicks in to work in tandem with the motor), with fuel economy and CO2 emission of 80.7mpg and 82g/km respectively.

In 2014 the same powertrain will be fitted to the Porsche Cayenne, while a similar set-up - combining a 4-cyl 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor - will be fitted to the Golf, Passat and A3 the same year. In 2015 the Audi A6 and A8 will be fitted with a development of the Porsche plug-in powertrain described above.

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Trust VAG to offer fuel saving technology to the people that need it the most, last. The usual BS. I won't be buying another New German car again ( or any new car) until their cars are electric because now fuel prices are so High and I drive 20k miles + a year, I can't have a new car and pay for fuel.

Also, for most people a car with a real 100 miles range is all that is needed along with a good charging network, we don't need a complicated expensive hybrid drivetrain, electric is so simple and very little maintenance needed. Who drives more than 100 miles in one day anyway , or 100 miles and back 100 in the same day ? Surely if you needed to you could charge your car in an hour or so ? You would hardly be driving 100 miles and back straight away!

All I need is a real 100 miles range in winter driving and I'm converted.

Where do you live - the Isle of Wight?