New Skoda Citigo Sport

27 Feb, 2013 1:12pm Jack Rix

The Skoda Citigo Sport gets black alloy wheels, racing stripes, tinted windows and a subtle bodykit

Skoda has revealed a sporty new version of the Citigo – our current car of the year. The Citigo Sport features enhanced styling, inside and out, as well as lowered suspension for sharper handling.

Black 15-inch ‘Auguira’ alloys, smoked fog lights and tinted windows are added to the exterior, along with front and rear spoilers, a rear diffuser and contrasting racing stripes running from the front to the rear. Sports suspension lowers the Citigo by 15mm.

Three colour combinations are offered – Candy White with red stripes, Tornado Red with black stripes and Deep Black with red stripes – while the interior is lifted by black and red sports seats fitted as standard. A three-spoke leather steering wheel, leather handbrake and a two-tone grey and black dashboard are also added on the inside.

Based on the Citigo SE spec, the Sport comes with Skoda’s Personal Infotainment Device (PID). The removable five-inch screen clips in on top of the dash and features sat-nav, Bluetooth for hands-free calls and a media player that can be synced to your phone or MP3 player.

Only available with the 59bhp 1.0-litre engine, the Citigo Sport is on sale now costing £10,290 for the three-door version and £10,640 for the five-door.

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Seems very weird to only offer a 'sporty' model with the low powered version of their 1.0l engine. Surely those who would prefer spoilers, stripes and tweaked suspension would also prefer the 75bhp engine rather than the 59bhp. Not that either are that powerful, but still it's 25% more.

What a cracking Looking Little Car, you just know These are going to be popular Site on our roads

You are 100% correct, but in the weird world of Automobile marketing the term "sport" is now just a marketing tool to boost sales. Witness the rise of the "Sports Tourer" to replace the old "Estate" car.

Having said that, this Citigo is a cracking city car. Skoda get it right . . .again.

'Skoda' and 'Sport' - two concepts that don't work at the best of times, letalone on a 59bhp box.

Oh, so the vRS models and the 110 year of motorsport history and long pedigree in rallying count for nothing then?Along with the 2010 and 2011 IRC rally championship titles, and the Fabia S2000 being the most successful S2000 rallycar ever, you really have done your homework haven't you.....
Don't knock the Citigo, it's a great car, and in sport trim looks even better.

I like the new Skoda Citigo Sport

Yes Skoda have a vast range of Sports and performance models on offer dont they?......1! the vRS which not long ago started out as a diesel supermini lol! They hardly have an pedigree in sports/performance cars. And whats the point of banging on about rally cars? When was I ever able to buy a rally car in a Skoda showroom. And anyway, the vast majority of manufacturers have been involved in motorsport at some point. So what? You maybe impressed with a shopping trolley car with a stripe along its roof and black painted alloys but your welcome to it. Dont see Taxi drivers going for it either.

Skoda didn't, VW did.

It allows younger drivers to run something that looks sporty but that still has affordable insurance.