Skoda CitiJet sports car concept bound for Worthersee show

Skoda CitiJet sports car concept bound for Worthersee
22 May, 2014 11:36am Oliver Kew

Annual VW Group tuning show welcomes open-top CitiJet concept created by design students

This is the result of letting a group of 16 Skoda design apprentices loose on a Citigo and asking them to turn it into their ideal one-off concept car. It’s the Skoda CitiJet: a two-seater, roofless one-off destined to join the recently revealed SEAT Ibiza Cupster at the Worthersee tuning show later this month.

The CitiJet project has taken six months, in which time the youthful design team came up with an open-top Skoda Citigo featuring roll bars where the rear seats would normally be. There’s also a hand-made rear wing, a twin-tailpipe exhaust system, and 16-inch alloy wheels covering red brake calipers.

The car’s powertrain is the standard 74bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine found in the Skoda Citigo and its VW Up and SEAT Mii sisters.

Inside, the design students chose the interior trimming of the Citigo Sport models for the CitiJet, meaning red stitching for the leather-wrapped steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake, plus Sport-spec floor mats and seats. A 300 watt stereo system is also included on board, and is matched with an LED lighting system which pulses in time with the music playback, according to Skoda.