Skoda Rapid hatchback

8 Aug, 2012 9:15am Luke Madden

Five-door hatch version of the Skoda Rapid will debut next year, and is set to rival the VW Golf

Skoda has confirmed that it will launch a Volkswagen Golf-rivalling five-door hatchback model, based on the Rapid.

While the Rapid is technically already a hatchback, it looks more like a saloon, with a traditional three-box shape. The newcomer will be more recognisable as a hatch – like the Golf or Ford Focus – and promises to be more stylish, too.

Losing the saloon shape will reduce the size of the Rapid’s massive 550-litre boot – probably to more like the Golf’s 350-litre load area. But Skoda hopes the newcomer will appeal to a new type of customer: those who put attractive design a little higher on the agenda.

Skoda gave us a glimpse at how this new model could look with its Vision D concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Its sharp creases, bold grille and narrow headlights will all make production.

Engines will be shared with the Rapid, so a 104bhp 1.6 TDI diesel and 1.2 TSI turbo petrol with 104bhp will both be offered. Topping the range could be a 138bhp 2.0 TDI and a 1.4 TSI producing 158bhp.

Skoda has yet to decide whether to use the Rapid name for the new five-door, but it’s set to be unveiled in mid-2013, priced at around £13,000. That’s roughly £1,000 more than the Rapid, but still significantly cheaper than the Golf or Focus.

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oh thank your god...finally, a skoda that actually looks like a modern car and not something out of the 60's soviet block countries! I can't believe they've finally made a car that looks...dare I say thankyou skoda and keep them coming! now all that's needed is that they leave it the hell alone and don't dumb the design down for the retired set.

if I just woke up and she is the first thing I saw I would have thought it was a Ford Focus for a minute

hmm i suspect vw will ensure that skoda are not permitted to make it look too attractive. that would undermine their premium brands, and as they are all essentially the same under the skin, skoda will ultimately be forced to ensure their designs are less 'cool'.

Fear you are right. VW group products are a bit "cardigan" as it is!

Yay...Skoda have invented the Leon! Hats off to VW.....

Fab looking car! Love it. It may look a bit Focus-ish, Tham, but not the latest hideous Focus. Any resemblance to the reasonably handsome previous Focus is acceptable.