New Subaru Outback to debut at New York Motor Show

3 Apr, 2014 6:00pm Jordan Bishop

Subaru Outback to debut at this month's New York Motor Show, before going on sale in the UK early 2015

The new Subaru Outback will appear for the first time at this month’s New York Motor Show. 

Following a speech from Yasuyuki Yoshinaga – President & CEO of parent-company Fuji Heavy Industries – the flagship crossover will make its world debut in US specifications, before going on sale in America this summer.

Although the Outback won’t arrive in the UK until early 2015, Subaru is already promising a car that “blends Car-like handling and SUV capability”.

There’s no official word regarding what specs will make it over here either, although the primary difference between the US and UK models are likely to be the engines and trim levels offered, certain safety specifications due to the lack of international standardisation, and features such as the headlights and wing mirrors.

Prices for the UK will be released nearer to launch, although expect the Outback to reach showrooms with a starting price of approximately £30,000.

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