Alfa Romeo's SUV now due in 2017

Alfa Romeo SUV
Credits: Andrei Avarvarii/Auto Bild
27 Jan, 2016 7:30pm Richard Ingram

Alfa bosses have announced plans to scale back investment, delaying the first Alfa Romeo SUV until 2017

Alfa Romeo has confirmed plans to delay the launch of its first ever SUV – relaying the news via an investor presentation in Italy.

Among the various slides were details of improved Jeep sales and a new plan detailing specific region requirements. However, in addition, it confirmed R&D, manufacturing and product investment would be reduced through 2018.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia: latest details

As a result, the planned product line-up will be completed by mid-2020 instead of by 2018 as mooted in earlier discussions. The SUV will still land by the end of 2017, though, with six other models following after.

These include a BMW 5 Series-style executive saloon and two further sports utility vehicles - most likely a smaller and a larger model to join the ‘mid-size’ BMW X3 rival after 2018. Two more ’speciality’ models, presumably sports cars, will complete the line-up alongside a rear-wheel drive Giulietta replacement before the end of the decade.

Alfa SUV teaser

All this follows a photo published earlier this year, whereby FCA's design boss Ralph Gilles subtly teased the new SUV, with fellow designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti sat in the boot.

Behind Ramaciotti you could see the dashboard design, which is entirely different from other Fiat or Chrysler products and looks to be inspired by the Giulia. The boot shape is also new, while a flat floor can be seen underneath. Our rendering shows the possible exterior design.

Like the saloon, we’d expect the SUV to feature a 2.2-litre diesel engine – recent leaked documents have suggested it’ll be available in the Giulia with 150 180 or 210bhp. A new GME (Global Medium Engine) 2.0-litre petrol unit producing either 200bhp, 250bhp or 280bhp is also likely to feature in both models, while eventually we may even see a hot version of the SUV using the twin-turbo 2.9-litre V6 from the launch Giulia with up to 500bhp.

In addition to the powerful petrol and diesel engines, FCA look to be investigating battery and electric technologies. The presentation detailing plans for the upcoming range expansion also talked of mild hybrids, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-ins and pure EVs. All the above would contribute to Fiat Chrysler’s plan for ‘globally optimised CO2 compliance’.

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