Alfa Romeo SUV for 2016

Alfa Romeo SUV
Credits: Andrei Avarvarii/Auto Bild
31 Jul, 2014 10:52am Jack Rix

Alfa Romeo SUV on the way, set to rival Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan with a new engine range

Two new SUVs are included in Alfa Romeo’s plan to launch eight fresh models by 2018, and revive the ailing Italian marque.

Alfa Romeo is expected to offer a mid-size Audi Q5 and BMW X3 rival first (shown here in our exclusive picture) in 2016, as this is the fastest-growing sector for premium SUVs, and potent engines would give Alfa a fighting chance of battling the Audi SQ5 and Porsche Macan.

To ensure it goes as well as it looks, Alfa’s developing a family of four and six-cylinder engines for its growing line-up. The range-topping petrol V6 turbo is set to develop up to 500bhp, while the brawniest diesel will churn out 350bhp, eclipsing the 309bhp Audi SQ5.

A Volvo XC90-sized flagship is likely to be the second SUV to join the range. Both cars will be based on Alfa’s all-new rear/four-wheel-drive architecture, reported to offer 50:50 weight distribution and finally give the brand the hot-hatch handling characteristics to match BMW and Jaguar.

Of course, this being an Alfa, styling is a top priority, and our exclusive image shows how the company intends to seduce customers away from its German rivals with its low-slung roofline, angular front and bulging arches. 

Alfa's plan also includes a new BMW 3 Series rivaling Alfa Romeo Giulia in late 2015, and a larger 5 Series rival. The Alfa 4C Spider is also expected to go on sale later in 2014, while the new Alfa Romeo Spider (a joint project with the next-generation Mazda MX-5, built in Japan) could now be badged as a Fiat or an Abarth, after Marchionne claimed no Alfa will ever be built outside of Italy as long as he is in charge. 

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Amusing photo: take Giulietta, insert air line, inflate to 200psi.

Georgio platform developed under Frenchman Philippe Krieff at Maserati. Going to be fantastic in the Giulia. Can't wait!

Looks like a old 147 on steroids

I hope Alfa can sort themselves out... A World without Alfa is like Fish without Chips... it's not right.

The concept images of the 159 replacement look fantastic. Just hope they get a fair review from magazines and they don't revert to their usual cliches.... "usual worries about reliability mean we would pick the 3 series again" <-- My prediction to a 2015 AE "review" :-)