Alfa Romeo SUV for 2016

Alfa Romeo SUV
Credits: Christian Schulte
24 Mar, 2014 4:29pm Jack Rix

Alfa Romeo model blitz begins with the Giulia compact saloon in late 2015, but long-awaited SUV could be big seller

It’s over ten years since Alfa Romeo debuted its Kamal SUV concept at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show, but at last a production model to rival the Audi Q3 is on the way. It will form an integral part of Alfa’s aggressive product offensive designed to boost sales to around 500,000 units within just a few years.

The gestation of Alfa’s first SUV has been a stop-start process. In 2010 a Fiat Group product plan claimed a Volkswagen Tiguan-sized SUV would arrive in 2012 – two years later and there’s still no sign, although the wait is almost over.

Shown here in our exclusive image, the SUV will be based on Alfa’s new rear and four-wheel drive Giorgio platform and should go on sale in 2016 . The Giorgio platform is key to Fiat Group CEO Sergio Marchionne’s strategy to go back to Alfa’s traditional root of rear-wheel drive, beauty and handling finesse.

The Giorgio architecture will also underpin its new 3 Series rivaling Giulia in late 2015, and a larger 5 Series rival. A production version of the Alfa 4C Spider concept is also expected to go on sale later in 2014, while the new Alfa Romeo Spider (a joint project with the next-generation Mazda MX-5, built in Japan) could now be badged as a Fiat or an Abarth, after Marchionne claimed no Alfa will ever be built outside of Italy as long as he is in charge. Further down the line, Alfa has also expressed interest in a larger SUV to take on the Audi Q5.

We’ll know more about Alfa Romeo’s future product plans - along with Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat and Abarth - when Marchionne reveals his long-term strategy for the group on May 6 this year.

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Amusing photo: take Giulietta, insert air line, inflate to 200psi.

Georgio platform developed under Frenchman Philippe Krieff at Maserati. Going to be fantastic in the Giulia. Can't wait!

Looks like a old 147 on steroids

I hope Alfa can sort themselves out... A World without Alfa is like Fish without Chips... it's not right.

The concept images of the 159 replacement look fantastic. Just hope they get a fair review from magazines and they don't revert to their usual cliches.... "usual worries about reliability mean we would pick the 3 series again" <-- My prediction to a 2015 AE "review" :-)

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