Audi A1 quattro vs Audi-Ur Quattro video

7 Feb, 2013 2:17pm

We bring together the new Audi A1 quattro with its legendary forebear to see if old can beat new

The Audi A1 is one of our current favourite small cars, mixing supermini dimensions with a big car feel and a high quality interior. Its wide range of engines and choice of gearboxes means there really is an A1 for everyone.

And with the introduction of the limited edition £40,000 A1 quattro, there’s something to tempt performance fans, too.

But how does it stack up against the original Audi Quattro – a car that has earned cult status over the years thanks to its domination on the world rally stage in the early eighties.

Resident racing driver Owen Mildenhall has taken the pair to Blyton Park in Lincolnshire to see if old really can match new when it comes to flat-out lap times around a tight and twisty racing circuit.

Check out the video for our definitive verdict, and click for our in-depth review of the current Audi A1 hatchback.

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Testing quattros on road track is rather naff.

You mention the UR Quattro being a 91 car - yet its a G reg Prefix which is 1st Aug 89 - 31st July 90 - can you inform as to how it is a 91 car please.

Good grief...stop saying Quattro! It's a polo with '4 wheel drive'. I can forgive the original as it was the pioneer and deserves the name.

he made a mistake, way to go for pointing that out mr anorak :)

I remember driving one in the 80s when I worked in car rental, maintenance. It was good but not as good as I had expected it to be. My boss said it was better than a 911 performance wise.I didn't think it was. Would agree Audi are cashing in on a name. Although I've not driven a new one and can't really comment.

£40,000? There is nothing tempting about this unless you truly have money to burn. Megane RS, M135i, Evo X, Focus RS, Golf R etc... all far cheaper and just as proficient in various areas.

Hardly, many owning this car would certainly subject their car to track use. And he did state it was 3 degrees where Quattro would benefit.