Audi R8 e-tron electric supercar will be built after all

Audi R8 e-tron front tracking
13 Jan, 2014 7:19pm Jack Rix

All-electric Audi supercar is back in the production plan after being axed last year

The Audi R8 e-tron is back in the production plan after being axed last year, according to Audi technical chief Dr Ulrich Hackenberg at the Detroit Motor Show 2014. No on sale date has been set yet, but the development program has been rebooted under Hackenberg’s instructions.
“I had a deeper look into the technology and found the problems were the range and the cost, so we are currently working on optimising those.” Hackenberg explained. “The original concept was based on battery modules, we’ve now taken the step to use a different type of battery.”

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Hackenberg is currently “discussing the project with the board” to assess feasibility, and want to use the R8 e-tron as a “tech carrier for other models.” 

An all-new R8 will arrive in showroom in 2015, but he confirmed the general layout of the R8 e-tron could be used in either model.
“I think electric drive has a big future,” he added. “With battery tech now it is vital to have plug-in hybrids, but as batteries improve we will move more towards all-electric."

I believe there is actually a competition between all-electric and fuel-cell cars at the moment. It’s just a question of where you get your energy from.”

Detroit Motor Show 2014: live