Most Wanted Cars 2014

4 Nov, 2014 11:00am

We asked Auto Express readers which fantasy car they most wanted to see built. Here are the ten Most Wanted models for 2014

They’re the questions you ask Auto Express more than any others, questions about the new cars you most want to see on the roads and when they're likely to materialise.
From a new Ford Capri to a Citroen 2CV re-imagined for the 21st century or a lightweight city car that will take MINI back to its roots; they’re cars that live in the hearts and imaginations of car fans. But they’re also cars that car manufacturers show little inclination to actually build.

Auto Express Most Wanted gave you the chance to show the global car-manufacturing giants exactly where they’re going wrong. You responded with a cavalcade of suggestions as to the cars the top brands should be building instead of yet another crossover SUV. We took the 10 most popular choices and commissioned our designers to create images showing how the cars could look. Then you voted for your favourite...

Top 10 Most Wanted Cars 2014 - the results

MGB Roadster front full

1. MGB Roadster
2. Lancia Delta Integrale
3. Ford Capri
4. Alfa Romeo Montreal
5. Mazda RX-7
6. Ford Focus RS Cosworth
7. Saab 900
8. 'mini' MINI
9. Volvo P1800
Citroen 2CV

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