Citroen C3 facelift

5 Mar, 2013 2:06pm Luke Madden

The Citroen C3 has been updated with a new look, new options and a range of efficient engines

Citroen has revealed its facelifted Ford Fiesta-rivalling C3 supermini at the Geneva Motor Show.

The C3 gets a bolder front end than the outgoing car, and now features the extended double chevron grille fitted to Citroen’s latest models. Also new to the C3 are the LED daytime running lights and a new body-coloured splitter in the lower air intake, which was previously black plastic.

At the rear, there's a set of mildly updated taillights and some new reflectors fitted to the bumper. There's also a new Ink Blue paint colour to choose.

Inside, there's a strip across the dashboard that's available in a selection of colours, while the dials are now backlit in white. There are a couple of new options available, too, including a reversing camera.

Underneath the bonnet, new three-cylinder petrol PureTech engines join the range, available in 1.0-litre or 1.2-litre capacities. The 1.0-litre VTi PureTech replaces the old four-cylinder 1.1 VTi, and produces 67bhp – 7bhp more than the outgoing engine. It’s also capable of 65.7mpg, which is an improvement of 17.8mpg. The 1.2VTi PureTech produces 81bhp and manages 62.8mpg.

The VTi 120 and a range of diesels – including an 87g/km Airdream model – continue in the C3 range.

The updated C3 will go on sale shortly after it’s unveiling at Geneva, with a starting price of around £11,000.

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Bland, bland, bland....
Built for Mrs and Mrs Bland.

Agreed. But some of the competition is blander yet!

Its a shame, Citroen used to be full of quirky features, my wife owns a 3dr Citroen C4 & there's nothing like it on the road, but the current generation are all very bland, its sad to see what was once a pioneer of the auto industry become a builder of boring euro boxes.

Indeed the previous C4 was different but it just did not sell! Columns like this tend to be full of people who lament the absence of "quirkiness" but when this quality was actually present would exclaim "not buying that, it's quirky". Evidently toby2449 is not one of these but the fact remains that dull is the default for customers, as another motoring magazine laments and manufacturers have to live.
Actually Citroen do sell some models which tread the fine line between dull and vulgar with almost unique flair. Whilst these have proved a commercial success they are not dirt cheap or mainstream products which can keep a mass producer afloat by themselves. Cure the masses of their stolid lack of imagination and they would demand more interesting vehicles. We can hope!

Bland? You obviously haven't seen a VW Polo then.