1. Honda Accord: The Cog

19 Dec, 2012 9:58am

The ad

A cog rolls gently down a wooden plank, knocking into a larger cog. It sets off an incredible chain reaction in which a huge array of Accord parts knock, roll or swing into each other. Every interaction is completed with perfect precision – with each component hitting the next with the minimum amount of force required for it to keep the chain moving. It ends with a fully constructed Accord gently rolling down a metal plank, while the voiceover says: “Isn’t it nice when things just work?”

The expert view

“This changed the perception of Honda and its drivers, and it’s so watchable you don’t want it to end. A classic way to judge someone else’s ads is to ask: ‘Do I wish I’d done that and do I want to watch it again?’ My answer is yes.”

Watch the video below to find out how the ad was made: