All-wheel-drive Jaguar XF and XJ announced

Jaguar XJ
16 Aug, 2012 5:20pm

Four-wheel-drive variants of the XF and XJ - but they're not for the UK

Jaguar is launching new all-wheel-drive versions of its XF and XJ models in selected markets.

Marked out externally by an ‘AWD’ rear badge, the car will use an intelligent all-wheel-drive system that can split torque equally between the front and rear wheels, though the car will direct most of its power to the rear wheels under normal conditions to maximise efficiency.

The suspension on four-wheel-drive models will be tweaked so that the cars feel as similar to rear-wheel-drive models as possible.

The new variants will be powered by the new 335bhp 3.0-litre supercharged V6 petrol engine, which will be mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox and equipped with stop-start.

This engine they will be around 5 per cent more efficient than the 5.0 V8 it replaces, which means you can expect both the XF and XJ AWD cars to achieve around 29mpg.

According to Jaguar’s figures, four-wheel-drive cars represent just 5 per cent of the luxury saloon market in Britain, and Jaguar doesn’t intend to sell the new variants in the UK in the near future. North America, Russia, China and Continental Europe are among the countries that will be offered the all-wheel-drive models.

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"not for UK" madness! If the AWD XF was available to order I'd order it tomorrow. Jag are trying to attract a younger buyer & I for one would use it for my ski runs to the French Alpes. I think they need to reconsider.

Well the V8 will remain but never be V12 again

God forbid that Britain should get a luxury car that won't sit helplessly spinning its wheels at the first sign of snow, as front-wheel drive rustbuckets overtake them, driven by hysterically-laughing occupants.

Jaguar must be run by some right out of touch old farts because awd would sell well in the uk the only reason they say it would not sell more than 5% is that it is not offerred as yet although Audi do a few in top spec and BMW will start soon .Look at the sales figures of 4 x4 that shows where the traditional luxury market has gone downhill by over 50% during last 5 to 8 years they would sell more XF and XJ if awd diesel in the uk than non awd I would love anXF awd sportbrake diesel for starters.

I'd buy an AWD XF Sportsbrake to replace my X-type AWD. I'd prefer the 3.0l diesel to a petrol engine though. Right now the Audi A6 Allroad is my Hobson's choice.

Beyond technical challenges of integrating the 4x4 cost-effectively with the diesel engine for such low volumes (added to the increased E.U. corporate fuel economy figures without a diesel) the reason for the the AWD versions being denied to Europe is simple: Land Rover sales.