New Mazda 6 prices

27 Sep, 2012 10:41am Jon Morgan

The all-new Mazda 6 is to go on sale in January, with prices ranging from £19,595 to £28,045

The new Mazda 6 Estate has been unveiled at the Paris Motor Show – and the company has revealed that prices for the new car will start from £19,595. Mazda also claims this will be the most efficient car in its class when it goes on sale next January.

The 6 will come with a choice of either a 2.2-litre diesel or 2.0-litre petrol engine, both featuring the company's SkyActiv technology.

Both engines will also be offered with two power outputs and a choice of six-speed manual or automatic gearboxes.

The £19,595 entry-level SE-spec saloon features the 2.0-litre petrol with 143bhp and 210Nm torque. The same engine will also be available with 163bhp and 210Nm torque.

The diesel will be offered with either 148bhp and 380Nm torque or 173bhp and 420Nm torque. The lower-powered version will return 72.4mpg and emit only 104g/km CO2 when mated to a manual gearbox, which will make it the most economical car in its class.

These class-leading figures are thanks to Mazda SkyActiv technology and the introduction of its i-ELOOP stop-start and brake energy recuperation system.

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£28k for a Mazda?

In your dreams!

Lame car, poor build and reliability. Coming to taxi stands near you in three years or less.


The price at £19.5k looks really good value for a car with that fuel economy and low CO2 - its better than BMW ED. It will be reliable as well as a good drive. Mazda seems to be making some really good looking cars now