Tesla Model X revealed

14 Jan, 2013 2:33pm Jack Rix

Tesla has revealed an updated version of its Model X SUV and confirmed a 3 Series rival for 2016

Tesla has revealed an almost production-ready version of its third model at the Detroit Motor Show, the four-wheel drive Model X SUV.

Based on the same platform as the Model S saloon, it will enter production at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, in 2014.

By fitting the flat battery pack under the floorpan, Tesla has managed to maximise interior space with space for seven adults seated in three rows. The Model X's signature though will be its innovative double hinged falcon doors, which open upwards electrically and fold, allowing them to be used in tight parking spaces. 

The doors also allow you to stand in the second row while fitting child seats, plus the second row slides forward to allow easy access to the rear. The sleek exterior styling, with its coupe-like roofline looks neat and streamlined, just like the Model S, while the interior features the same huge 17-inch touchscreen.

Available with a 60 or 85kWh battery, it will offer a similar range to the Model S - up to around 300 miles on a single charge - which Tesla claims a 0-62mph time of under five seconds. By duplicating a smaller version of the drive unit on the front axle, four-wheel drive will be offered as an option.

Prices for the Model X will be similar to an equivalent Model S, so expect to pay between £45,000 and £55,000 when RHD versions go on sale next year. According to a Tesla source, sales of the Model S are going well with 13,000 orders already taken, putting the company on track to hit its target of 20,000 units in 2013. 

Our source also confirmed that a smaller BMW 3 Series rival is under development, and will go on sale in 2016. Based on a new third-generation platform, Tesla is targeting a starting price of $30,000 (£19,000).

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Another Aston Martin/Ford Fiesta/Mundano grill. Getting boring now

Hint of DS5 at the front, smidgen of X6 at the rear.

Is this an all-electric car or does it have a small engine which can recharge the batteries en route and thus negate the inevitability of being stranded once the battery runs out of juice on a long journey?
That is crucial: all-electric cars, requiring many hours re-charging, are not a serious option as far as I can see. But Tesla looks to be shaping up to be a serious rival to others premium manufacturers in the near-ish future. Clever vehicle.

Have you tried one? Your belief that they take "many hours charging" is a common mistake. I've driven a Smart EV for half a year now. Seldom do i have to leave it one for hours and hours. You find you just "top up" for an hour whilst you park up and go do your shopping or see a movie etc. and that'll get you another 20-30 miles.

Yes from flat it'll take 6+ hours to fill to full but again you dont have to wait til it's full to use it. And pray tell me - whilst you're at work what is your car doing? Is it sitting there? doing nothing? for hours? well....thought about charging it up at work?

I was a skeptic too, but i'm now a total convert. You'd be amazed how easy it is to spend the money i've not spent on petrol on nice things instead...like beer.

Odd it should have a "grill" at all, I guess we're used to seeing cars with faces.

I love Tesla's design language. Its fresh and smooth. No contortions. No messy creases. Nothing brash. Simple clean lines.

Tesla Model X looks lean for a 7-seater. I assume its got four electric motors driving front and rear wheels. Not a mud-plugger but an all-weather car. Bring it on, Tesla.

Very good looking car. Agree with dukebox9reg about the grill (hadn't noticed it at first). Definite hints of X6 at the rear.
Overall tho, a good design using visually accepted details from a variety of sources.
Is there really another 2 seats in the rear though? Midgets only?

Another Aston Martin look a like.
The BMW 3 series rival starting at £19,000 is beginning to look tempting.