Vauxhall Viva reborn for 2015

20 May, 2014 6:30am Steve Fowler

Exclusive: Famous Vauxhall Viva badge set to return on new city car on sale next year for less than £7,000

The famous Vauxhall Viva name is set to be revived for an all-new city car set to rival the Ford Ka and Hyundai i10, plus the Volkswagen up!, Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii triplets. The new Viva will go on sale in spring next year, and our images show how we expect it to look.

The last time the Viva name was seen was in 1979 on a small saloon car – a forerunner to today’s Astra. However, the new Viva will be a sharply styled small hatchback that replaces the unloved Suzuki Splash- based Agila. The Viva will be based on the next-generation Chevrolet Spark.

With Chevrolet pulling out of Europe, it leaves the way clear for Vauxhall, and its sister company Opel, to market the new model as GM’s budget car offering – Vauxhall is aiming for a starting price of around £6,995.

It also marks the first time in more than 20 years that Vauxhall and Opel will use different names for a car in the UK and mainland Europe.

Vauxhall Viva 2015 back

Vauxhall management were keen to have a name that fitted in well in the UK in a new market segment for the company, and one that reflected on its heritage. Opel will not be using the Viva name.

Although the new car will be based on the Spark and will be built in Korea, GM’s European design team, led by Brit Mark Adams, has worked hard to give the car its own unique look. So expect some typical Vauxhall design cues, with a front end similar to the Adam and other recent Vauxhall products.

There’ll be swept-back headlamps with distinctive LED daytime running lights, a large Vauxhall badge sitting on large chrome wings on the grille and ‘blade’ surfacing along the sides.

Inside, different finishes have been used on the plastics to give a more stylish, premium look. There won’t be the huge array of options seen on other small cars to keep the costs down – Vauxhall is more likely to evolve the range with some special editions. And although there will be some tech on board like Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, don’t expect the latest IntelliLink infotainment systems – it would make the car too costly.

Instead, space will be key to the new Viva’s appeal. There’ll be five doors and easy access, while dynamically the new model is said by Vauxhall insiders to focus more on comfort and refinement than sporty handling.

Vauxhall Viva 2015 spy shot 4

GM’s latest family of small, economical engines will help to keep costs low, so we’d expect to see the new three-cylinder, 1.0-litre engine with 89bhp offered, possibly with a lower-powered version of the same unit. Vauxhall is aiming for sub-100g/km from all models, which would mean an average of around 70mpg.

Next year is set to be a busy one for Vauxhall. The Viva will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, by which time the new Corsa will be in showrooms. It’ll be followed by an all-new, British-built Astra likely to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Oh yes! The HD Viva....finally.
I still have my first car - a HC Viva - in a barn waiting for me to get time to restore it and its glorious 50BHP 1256cc pushrod motor.

I will be buying one of these just for the fun and sake of it, I will love the nostalgia of seeing Viva on a car again.

Just give us a Cresta, a Victor and a Chevette and we are all set!

Oh - and a Firenza and Magnum version too, if you please!

Viva... memories of pushing my uncle's one around his street :-)

Can we look forward to the next Insignia being called a Cavalier? I'm not sure retro names are relevant these days (Mini and Fiat (500) excepted). Given the Viva was from a period of dreadful build quality I'd have thought the name was best left in the past.


Just what I was thinking!

The Viva HC wasn't a bad car. Actually pretty well built and reliable by the standards of the time and certainly better than most of the competition, particularly BL and Fiat.

The Viva was one of the fastest Vauxhall ever that is at rusting but this reworked Adam does not look too bad

Could be good.

Vivas weren't too bad, all told. All of them, but the HA in particular, were prone to rot but what wasn't in those days? I had an HB for some years and loved it; it never let me down once, apart from disappearing while you looked at it.

The Adam uses FIAT SCCS platform and is therefore a reworked Fiat Punto/Alfa Mito/Fiat 500L.

This Viva is a Chevrolet Spark from GM Korea using GM's Global Small Vehicles (GSV) Gamma platform and doesn't share.

The HC Viva in the 1970s was one of the better built cars and suffered less corrosion than most contemporary cars.

Looks considerably better than the Adam from the pictures.

It's much more useful than the Adam with enough room for four adults and some reasonable bootspace for a weekly shop or slightly bigger needs with the seats folded down.

"first time in more than 20 years that Vauxhall and Opel will use different names for a car in the UK and mainland Europe." What about the vauxhall vx220 and the opel speedster autoexpress?

General Motors have recalled 13 million cars so far this year, a number of which results in deathtraps. Thats what l would call dreadful build quality!!!

You have the damm cheak to say the trusty Viva was rubbish, it was a great little car much loved by all that owned them, done Vauxhall proud mate..

That said, this new version looks excellent very good a very useful small car a decent price. I would buy one if the AE renderings turnout to be what you get in reality, it would be top of my shopping list.

I have the "damm cheak (sic) to say the trusty Viva was rubbish"???

I said no such thing!!!

Great example.

Also, the Opel Campo and Vauxhall Brava pickups were sold until 2001.

Surely Nova would've been a better name?

Viva would be better pitched as a small sports saloon.



Calibra wouldn't be an appropriate name.

I would use that if they ever built a Cascada coupe.

I had driving lessons in a viva in the 70s and loved the car so put my name down for a red one

So it's based on a FIAT but it's as ugly as a Peugeot?! Should do well!

No need to shout! Better looking than a Ford, but nowhere near as good as anything from VW Group.

Nova in spanish means doesn't go, which is why they used Corsa.

I had an HA for 12 years, Paid £110 for it, sold it for £95. Probaby the only saloon with just 3 leaf springs.

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