Guide to buying a new car

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26 Mar, 2015 11:30am Steve Walker

With dealers, brokers and car supermarkets to choose from here are our top tips on where and how to buy a new car

The new car buyer has never had more choice, and it's not just restricted to the vast array of new models available in today's crowded car market. These days the options extend to where and how you buy your new car too. 

As well as the traditional franchised car dealerships specialising in one or two brands, there are car supermarkets offering an array of new models at a single location and brokers who'll source a deal on a new car for you. 

Best new car deals out now

As you'd expect, there are pros and cons attached to all of the car buying methods listed above. You'll need to consider the kind of service you're after, how much guidance you need on the type of car to buy and the kind of facilities you want from the company selling you the vehicle. 

Different options will suit different people so we've complied a simple guide to help you decide how and where to buy your new car. You can find full details on the main ways to buy a new car by clicking the links below or on the top left of this page. 

If you're after more car buying advice check out our guide to finding the best car finance deal.

Guides to buying a new car

Franchised car dealers 
Car brokers
Car supermarkets

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