Next Ford Mondeo delayed

17 Jul, 2012 2:49pm Luke Madden

Ford puts back launch after issues with quality

Ford has been forced to put back the launch of its new Mondeo. The car was originally slated to hit UK dealers in June 2013, but is now more likely to go on sale in September next year.

A spokesperson explained that the delays are due to Ford having to “work through various issues to ensure a robust and high-quality launch”. As a result, the original April date for models to begin rolling off the production line in Genk, Belgium, had to be pushed back by a few months.

The brand new Mondeo will be sold around the world, mostly in unchanged format. It’s already available to order in America, where it’s badged the Fusion. Ford says the delays here relate to adapting spec levels and quality to ensure that when the Fusion arrives in Europe as the Mondeo, it will appeal to the market’s particular tastes. In the meantime, Ford will continue to sell the current Mondeo here in the UK.

The European-specification car will be officially unveiled to the public at the Paris Motor Show in September. Full engine details will be released at the same time, with the range set to include hybrid and plug-in hybrid models – the latter capable of around 140mpg. These will be sold alongside 1.6 and 2.0-litre TDCi diesels and Ford’s EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engines.

When the new Mondeo finally arrives in UK dealers, it’s expected to cost a little more than the current model, which starts from £18,100.

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What utter Crap! The 2013 Mondeo was never meant to hit showrooms last month!
Auto Express only this week had a spy shot with the opening phrase
"Our reader catches the all-new Ford Mondeo testing in the UK, ahead of its March 2013 release date
One of our readers has spotted the all-new Ford Mondeo on UK soil for the first time, revealing it’s still on track for a March 2013 on-sale date."Why make a completely unsubstantiated headline about build quality when it isn't even a factor. Ford should really consider sueing AE over such blatent lies!

The new Mondeo may be delayed but will sell well worldwide as always. A nice well balanced exterior and superb interior. If you are not a badge snob, what are you waiting for?

Good to see Ford focusing on quality for a change (especially compared to the mk5 Escort / Orion), but the images of the new Mondeo have been around for ages, a bit like the "new" Mini which was previewed years before it launched.
By the time it launches the styling will be too familiar already, especially as externally it looks like the current model with an Aston Martin/Austin Mini grille.

@correcting_reports If you care to read the article it clearly states June 2013.....not June 2012! Muppet!

Hi Paul, thanks for your comments. We haven't updated this article but apologies if we weren't clear at any point.

We've had to remove your second comment as it got stuck in our profanity filter, but please do keep commenting in the future!

Thanks again,
Auto Express

the new grill looks like its from an aston martin

very expensive ccccccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppp

Correcting_reports: YOU are talking utter Crap! Why didn't you read the report correctly: "The car was originally slated to hit UK dealers in June 2013" So why are you bleating on about last month..?

Current vehicle is a BMW 520D which i am of course delighted with. if I am lucky enough to be still in a job next September, I will give the 2.0 Diesel Mondeo serious consideration, I think it looks awesome!