Ford Mustang celebrates 50 years

2015 Mustang Empire State
25 Mar, 2014 5:52pm Jordan Bishop

Ford to display all-new Mustang on top of the Empire State Building in New York next month

The new sixth-generation Ford Mustang will going on display on the observation deck of the Empire State Building for 54 hours ahead of the New York Motor Show, Ford has announced.

The feat marks 50 years of continuous production since the Mustang debuted, and replicates the same display used in 1965 to celebrate the muscle car’s launch.

Back then, Ford engineers were forced to use the building’s lifts to transport the car up to the 86th floor observatory, removing the windscreen from a prototype Mustang convertible before slicing it into three separate pieces so it could fit. 

Ford hopes to replicate this achievement in 2014 with a modern Mustang, which is 180mm longer and 100mm wider than its ancestor. The current crop of engineers do have technology on their side though, and will use computer data to calculate where they should cut the display car in order to load it onto custom-made racks. 

Once they reach the top, the team will have less than six hours to put the car back into one piece on the observation deck, where it will stay from April 16 until April 17.

On the same day, enthusiasts representing 16 countries will gather in Concord, North Carolina and at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to celebrate 50 years of the Ford Mustang.

“Even though the Ford Mustang has not traditionally been offered globally, the passion for the first pony car is truly international,” said Ronald D. Bramlett, Mustang Club of America’s executive director of the birthday celebration.