New Jeep Cherokee and small 4x4 due next year

Jeep Cherokee front
10 Sep, 2013 1:09pm Chris Ebbs

Small off-roader could be set for Geneva debut along with latest Cherokee

Jeep will unveil its all new Cherokee model at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, and it could be joined on the same stand by the maker's new B-segment off-roader.

The latest Cherokee will hit showrooms in the second quarter of next year and feature weight saving technology and improved engines to help improve fuel economy and emissions.

A combination of the CUSY platform and shared engine technologies mean the latest Cherokee will weigh less than the current car. The car has recently been tested in the US and achieved 31mpg, which translates to around 37mpg for Europe.

Chris Ellis, head of Jeep for Europe, Middle East and Africa, confirmed that there will be two separate models on offer. The Trailhawk model will feature a raised suspension set-up, skid plates and a number of other features that make it more focused for off-roading. A front-wheel drive version will also be offered.

Ellis also confirmed that a new B-segment 4x4, competing with the likes of the Vauxhall Mokka and Nissan Juke, will go on sale in the second half of the year. And while there was no definite date on when we'll first see the car, he did say that it would have to get its European debut at the start of the year - that points to Geneva show premiere.

While the focus will be on fuel economy and emissions, Ellis claimed that the small off-roader will be the most capable car in its class for dealing with tougher terrain. However, there was no word on what the maker will be calling the new model, but it will continue to share technology with Fiat.

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Yuk it horrible, what happened to the warm friendly Jeep!! Jeep have just ruined the fanatic Cherokee, Would rather buy a better value very reliable Dacia Duster £8,995.

MOPAR are one notch up in build quality & reliability ladder than Fiat.

Watch Honda CV-R sales soar around the globe, as Jeep sales stall. Jeep have just ticked themselves right off my shopping list.

New improved smaller Jeep is coming as well.
"The car has recently been tested in the US and achieved 31mpg, which translates to around 37mpg for Europe"

Did not the old brick shaped Patriot with the bomb proof VW diesel engine fitted return up to 51 MPG?

This is progress?

They refer to the petrol engine. And no, the patriot didn't do 51 mpg, more like 40. I know, I had one for thre years.

Love people that leave strongly worded comments about one picture and a reviewers opinion, rather than actually finding out facts lol