Toyota GT 86 updated for 2015

24 Apr, 2014 10:09am Jordan Bishop

The 2015 model year Toyota GT 86 has been revealed, featuring improved handling, paint schemes and minor visual tweaks

Toyota has revealed a slightly updated GT 86 for the 2015 model year, featuring improved handling and rigidity.

Despite only launching in 2012, chief engineer Tetsuya Tada believes there is “no reason that development should stop,” with Toyota focusing this latest upgrade on increasing front suspension rigidity and tuning the rear shock absorbers.

The revised suspension is designed to give drivers more confidence behind the wheel, making the road easier to read and allowing for greater control when the car is pushed to the limit.


Meanwhile, more stable damping and improved friction management are achieved by stiffening the rear shock absorbers. Handling is therefore smoother, crisper, with feedback also improved and body-roll reduced even further.

Commenting on the changes, Tada added that the “GT 86 is all about driver involvement, and we are committed to keep enhancing this aspect of the car. The 2015 Model Year delivers the latest status of [the] GT 86’s continuous evolution.”

Elsewhere, a new carbon-fibre insert has been added to the dashboard, which offers a “more premium appearance” according to Toyota.

There’s also a new shark-fin antenna for improved aerodynamics and visual appeal, an update complemented by new pearl-white and silver paint schemes.

These changes will make their way over to GT 86 models in the UK at some point later this year.

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What does GT86 need? Better handling, more rigid suspension? Really?
It could perhaps do with a more powerful and cleaner engine choice.
Or if Toyota was Volkswagen then we could look forward to a GT86 coupe saloon!
Followed by diesel models, in turn followed by 300bhp and 400bhp blower versions.

Oops! I just bought a 2012 one. Bargain price though and won't be too different from this new one. Probably I will prefer a more compliant riding version.

To be honest I have a keen eye and I was really struggling to see any visual differences aside from that shark fin aerial...

It doesn't need more power, it's about handling and fun, not drag racing. What it does need is a price cut to MX5 levels and then they would sell thousands and not hundreds.