VW Scirocco Million

3 May, 2013 5:45pm Paul Bond

Volkswagen is celebrating a million sales of the Scirocco coupe with a high-spec special-edition model

Over three generations and almost 10 years, more than a million Volkswgen Scirocco models have now been sold. To mark the occasion, VW has revealed a special-edition version of the coupe.

The Scirocco Million comes finished in exclusive 'Deep Black' metallic paint and is easily recognisable thanks to two thick decorative stripes down the centre of the bonnet, plus painted wing mirrors and 18-inch Interlagos alloy wheels (even bigger 19-inch rims are available as options). It also shares the same aggressive bumpers and side skirts as the R-Line models.

The interior has been given an equally sporty makeover, with standard black leather upholstery finished with contrasting orange stitching that also covers the gearknob and handbrake. Stainless steel pedals and special Million-badged scuff plates complete the cosmetic upgrades.

The Million special edition can be ordered with any of the five-strong engine line-up, including three petrol TSI engines and two diesel versions. All except the entry-level petrol can also be ordered with the optional seven-speed DSG auto gearbox.

The first two generations of Scirocco were sold between 1974 and 1992, and account for almost 800,00 of the total sales figure.

The special edition is on sale in Germany for the equivalent of £23,020 for the 1.2-litre TSI. Although there is no word yet if it will reach the UK, a spokesman for the company has said it is being considered.

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Over here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we can't get the Scirocco. It's a beautiful coupe. Y'all are lucky.

Shows the VW groups can produce good looking vehicles if they can be bothered to instead of relying upon the docility of its fanboys and fangirls.

"It also shares the same aggressive bumpers and side skirts as the R-Line models."

OK. I'll bite. How can bumpers and side skirts be "aggressive"? Do they try to bit your leg off when you get in the car?
Or is it yet another example of overuse of an adjective which is totally appropriate to motoring on public roads?

You are utterly right!

Lovely looking car, like all VW group cars. From Skoda to Porsche, all models are stylish, sleek, elegant and understated - although it's a shame Audi have ruined the front of their cars with the "gawping mouth", on their otherwise beautiful cars.
This is at a time when other manufacturers seem to be obsessed in the competition to produce the ugliest vehicles possible, with some truly ugly gargoyles hitting the roads in recent years.

Funnily enough Audi come quite high in my own "gargoyle" list because of that gawp. Audi share a mind numbing lack of imagination and variety with the rest of the group. "Understated" means plonkingly dull. The Scirocco is the one exception which shows the rest up.
I really don't know which is worse, the aforesaid dullness or Evoque/Juke/Countryman naffness.

The Scirocco is a nice looking car, but this 'special edition' just looks like someone ram-raided Halfords and kept whatever stuck.