Best used executive cars

Best used executive car 2015
8 Oct, 2015 9:00am

The Jaguar XF boasts plenty of style and substance - that's why it's our used executive car of the year

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Best used executive car: Jaguar XF

Price from: £6,500
Our pick: 2012 2.2D Luxury, 77,000 miles  £16,000

With air vents that rotate out of the dash and a gear selector that rises from the centre console, the XF feels special from the moment you climb inside. The cabin proves that this big saloon boasts plenty of style, but it’s not short of substance, either. And as a new model has just arrived, values of used XFs have taken a slight dip – making Jag’s executive four-door even more affordable. 

Best executive cars

Eight years have passed since we first saw the XF, and time has been kind to the design. A facelift in 2011 saw a new four-cylinder diesel with stop/start and an eight-speed automatic gearbox added to the range, which cut CO2 emissions as low as 135g/km.

Jaguar XF rear tracking

These cars have been favourites with company car users, and if you’re after low running costs, the 161bhp 2.2-litre is the one to go for. However, the 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel is a lovely unit, too, with lots of smooth torque and a refined engine note. 

Best company cars

Ex-fleet cars that have spent a past life pounding motorways will have plenty of miles on the clock, but quality is almost on a par with rivals from BMW and Mercedes, which means the classy interior should still look and feel fresh.

Jaguar XF steering wheel

It might not be as sharp to drive as a 5 Series, but with 4.2-litre V8 petrol and 5.0-litre supercharged R models looking like great value, there are still plenty of thrills on offer if you’re after a fast, luxurious saloon that’ll transport the family and be enjoyable to drive.

Jaguar added a Sportbrake estate model in 2012 for more practicality, with a maximum 1,675 litres of boot space. There aren’t any confirmed plans for a load-lugging version of the new XF yet, so if you want to buy British in this class, it’ll have to be a used example. Prices start from £6,500, which buys you an early V6 diesel. Budget around £10,500 for a 2.2 diesel, while an estate will cost you about £2,500 more.

Jaguar XF: key details

  • • Inside: Jaguar’s stylish, high-quality cabin adds a sense of occasion whenever you get behind the wheel.
  • • Classy additions: Gear selector rises from the centre console, while air vents rotate out of dash.

Jaguar XF: Expert insight

It may have been around for eight years, but the XF continues to be a star for owners, who rank it consistently highly in our Driver Power survey. It was our overall winner in 2009, and was named Car of the Decade in 2011, as the best performing model in 10 years of Driver Power. Despite its age, it was a healthy 23rd in 2015. Owners say it’s got best in class ride quality, while performance and ease of driving are also impressive.

Commended: BMW 5 Series F10

BMW 5 Series front

The 5 Series is great to drive, refined and feels upmarket, and you can pick up a current-generation car for just £9,500. Plus, there’s a wide choice on the market of petrol and diesel, saloon and estate models.

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