New Ford Mondeo: release date, price and specs

27 Oct, 2014 2:00pm Sam Naylor

The new Ford Mondeo priced from £20,795. Get all the details on the design, spec and pricing of the new car here

Ford has announced the all-new Mondeo will be priced from £20,795, with first models arriving in showrooms by the end of the year. The car has been highly anticipated, bringing the new Ford family face to the popular saloon model along with a new range of engines and advanced technologies. 

We've driven the new Ford Mondeo - click here to read our full review

There will even be a Ford Mondeo Hybrid, and we've also had the chance to drive one of those - we were impressed with emissions of less than 99g/km of CO2 and over 65mpg fuel economy. However, thanks to the 188bhp provided by the 2.0-litre petrol engine combined with an electric motor, it feels very nimble.

Ford Mondeo 2014 price and release date

Ford has just announced prices will kick off from £20,795 for the entry-level model. Prices for the hybrid and more premium models in the Mondeo range have not yet been announced. A Mondeo Estate will also be offered, but it is not expected until 2015.

There will also be an upmarket and bespoke Ford Mondeo Vignale version, which aims to compete with the more expensive small saloon cars like the BMW 3 Series. This model is expected to demand a substantial price premium over the standard model. 

New Ford Mondeo engines

The 2014 Ford Mondeo will get a new 1.5-litre Ecoboost petrol engine, which returns similar horsepower and torque figures to Ford’s current 1.6-litre EcoBoost in its lower state of tune (148bhp and 240Nm respectively), while delivering improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

The engine is the fifth EcoBoost engine. The range was launched with a 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost in 2009. Ford added the 2.0-litre EcoBoost in 2010; the 1.6-litre EcoBoost in 2011; and last year the three-cylinder 1.0-litre EcoBoost was launched.

Ford Mondeo review

The European-spec Mondeo will also get Ford’s 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost engine, making it one of the cleanest cars in its class, with CO2 emissions of under 130g/km. The rest of the engine range will be revealed closer to launch, but expect the 2.0 and new 1.5-litre TDCi diesels, plus 1.6 and 2.0-litre EcoBoost petrols too.

The new Ford Mondeo will come with the option of two different petrol-electric powertrains: one a traditional hybrid and the other a plug-in hybrid. The latter is known as the Ford Mondeo Energi, while the other will be badged simply Mondeo Hybrid.

The plug-in Energi and Hybrid both share a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, but the Energi boasts a larger battery pack, and will be able to travel on electric power for around 20 miles. The standard Hybrid will only be able to manage a couple of miles, however.

Both systems will produce 185bhp, allowing for 0-62mph in around 8.5 seconds. Expect to see fuel economy of around 60mpg for the Hybrid and well over 100mpg for the Energi.

Six-speed manual gearboxes will be offered as standard, with dual-clutch six-speed Powershift transmissions optional. A diesel model, with an auto gearbox, will be offered with four-wheel drive for the first time.

Ford Mondeo 2014 dimensions, interior and styling

The new Mondeo measures 4,869mm long, 1,852mm wide and 1,476mm tall – about the same size as the current car – but it’s four centimetres lower, meaning it has a much sleeker profile. There are slimmer roof pillars and the bodywork has a smooth, unruffled finish. The 19-inch wheels give the show car plenty of presence, and will be available as an option on the popular Zetec trim level.

The new grille and headlamp arrangement takes inspiration from the Evos concept and signals a new evolution for Ford’s Kinetic design language. Sparkling LED tail-lamps and polished exhausts add a touch of class to the car.

The driver-focused cabin offers upmarket fit and finish, with soft-touch plastics and fabrics on the dash and doors. Seats are supportive, and there’s an oversized centre console, which helps separate the driver from the rest of the cabin. Elsewhere, extra space has been freed up by moving the dash closer to the windscreen and redesigning the seats to make the most of the car’s 2,850mm wheelbase.

The new Mondeo will also feature a host of upmarket accessories and technology, including SYNC, Ford’s Microsoft-developed in-car entertainment system, which streams music to the car’s speakers from your phone and also incorporates Bluetooth and Internet access. The MyFord Touch system will be available too, offering voice control for all major systems.

Driver-assist systems include a lane-keeping, fatigue detection, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warning and active park assist. Safety is also enhanced by inflatable rear seat belts.

Ford Mondeo 2014: Lightweight technology revealed

Ford gave us a glimpse in to its lightweight future, with a concept of the new Ford Mondeo that weighs just 1,195kg – that’s about the same as a diesel-powered Fiesta.

Ford managed to shed 363kg of weight from a standard next-gen Mondeo by fitting things like carbon fibre wheels, high-strength steel and aluminium in the chassis and composite springs for the front suspension. These features won't be present on the production car but similar technology will find its way into future Fords.

“Our goal was to investigate how to design and build a mixed-materials, lightweight vehicle that could potentially be produced in high volume, while providing the same level of safety, durability and toughness as our vehicles on the road today,” said Matt Zaluzec, Ford technical leader, Global Materials and Manufacturing Research.

Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development said: “A focus on light-weighting will be fundamental to our industry for years to come, and we are investigating many advanced materials applications as possible solutions for weight reduction in our vehicles.”

What do you think of the new Ford Mondeo? Would you consider buying one? Tell us in the comments section below...

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Ford have shot themselves in the foot in delaying the European roll out of the new Mondeo. The styling looks to be a huge improvement over the chintzy current model, and is probably the first interesting Mondeo in years.

But releasing it mid-cycle smacks of contempt for the European market, and in the meantime other competitors will have played catch up.

Facts please, not "rumours".

What's happening to the sports model? Where's the XR5/ST version we loved from the 2007 models onwards? So what petrol prices are going up... some of us still pay for the experience!

The fact is that realised that the current Mondeo is still selling well in Europe and they don,t want to loose that by replacing it now! true is that the current Mondeo is still up to its competition. the bad move was announcing its sucessor too soon!

This evening in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland I saw a stunning Mondeo Estate ST with twin centralised exhaust pipes. It had a '13 english plate with no dealer mark but said 'Ford Motor Company' on the bottom of the number plate. I've searched the net but can't see a description of this model anywhere. Was it some kind of test car I wonder or deos anybody know where I can find the spec?

ford having a lough with its loyal costumers but keep that in mind it s customer who will buy these cars...keep delaying it just ordeered my new i 40

Import Mondeo from USA to Europe. in the United States called Fuzion. Maximize production in the USA for the European market. VW Jetta imported from Mexico to Europe.

Import Mondeo from USA to Europe. In the United States called fuzion. VW Jetta imported from Mexico to Europe. Maximize production in the U.S. for the European market.

What's the point of charging a battery just to be able a couple of miles on it ?

It was the Focus ST that you saw.

Since living in mildenhall and the base, I've managed to see a lot of the ford fusions, so when the new mondeo eventually arrives here, it won't really stand out.
Hopefully there are talks that there will be a few tweaks to the European version.

Looks like what it is... a dung ball with wheels!

There have been plans to close the factory in Belgium where the Mondeo has been built. It's Ford's attempt at cost cutting which have held the new model back. The original plan was to launch it in Europe early last summer around the same time as the USA launch.

The launch has been delayed so long we may potentially get a mid cycle facelifted car. A friend of mine who lives in the USA has had one in the same colour as the one pictured above for a while now.

Late 2014 has been the official date from Ford for a while now.

Work for FoE
New mondeo will cone out late 2014 early 2015:(

I wonder what the delay is, I did keep on seeing the 2014 Mondeo in Essex, all taped up, no badges, LHD, UK plates, proto type obviously, first saw it late 2012, its defo the 2014 as I took 2 pics when I spotted it parked up !

That's a great advertorial for the Mondeo

Just had an excperience with Fusion ecoboost (2013 i guess) in US. Dont know what engine it has 1,6 or 2,0l petrol but after passing more than 4000 km fuel economy was quite similar with 2013 Impala (3,6l petrol about 300 bhp engine). Driving in flat land doesent matter is that impala or fusion but driving in mountains impala is way better, and trunk was also bit larger (sedan both). Anyways it looks cool (as i say it looks like poor man maserati, and i had a look when maserati and fusion was parked quite closley :D no major different at front i noticed :D ). BTW. new 2014 impala looks more better than older but dont have touched it jet. Hopefully next year when im back in US.
But Ford made smth really wrong in this Fusion/Mondeo case as mondeo still not in market right now.

And as of late June 2014 it still isn't out. I wonder why... I guess somewhere in 2015 is more realistic now, hopefully with that 2.0L diesel with 210 HP and four wheel drive!

would love new mondeo but as usual ford will over price ordinary people out of the market,funny how ford sell cars abroad up to 10k cheaper than uk?rip off britain /ford