Sienna Miller in Rankin Ford Mustang video

6 Dec, 2013 6:19pm Iain Reid

Rankin shoots Ford Mustang video for iconic car starring Hollywood actress

Influential fashion photographer Rankin has directed a short video starring the new Ford Mustang - and Sienna Miller.

The Mustang was revealed earlier this week, with a right-hand drive model going on sale in the UK in 2015.

Ford Mustang 2015 revealed

English actress Sienna Miller Miller said she has always been into cars is a big fan of the Mustang: "It's a completely iconic car and its beautiful in real life, I'm really impressed by how it looks."

Rankin said the Mustang is "the ultimate boys car".

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Still looks like a cheap Audi A5 knock off, maybe that's why they hide it in shadows. Oh and btw who is Sienner Miller?

All l want to hear is the sweet sounding rumble of 5.0 v8 in the Stang.

Thank you for posting the video AE, the Mustang looks much better in the flesh, gotta say l thought it looked a bit like an Audi at first in renderings, but now l don't.

But have changed my mind since watching the video. Gotta say the front end almost looks like Ferrari, with a prancing pony & red paintwork, rear end looks absolutely stunning.

Ford have done an absolute fantastic job super car class job of the Mustang refresh, with IRS RHD sweet sounding v8 its going to be instant a instant No1 best seller in its class.

Sienna Miller has a fantastic taste in cars, if the accent is the awesome rumble sound of v8, gotta say l like it to.

The Audi A5 wishes it looked like this and at 30-35k I'd hardly say cheap either. The A5 starts at just under 29k, I very much doubt a 30k A5 2.0 TDI will put a smile on your face like a 30k Mustang will.