Ford unveils drag race tech for 2015 Mustang

Ford Mustang headlights
23 Apr, 2014 12:00pm Jordan Bishop

New Ford Mustang features Line Lock technology, offering drivers burnout starts for drag race-style performance. See the video here...

Ford may have global aspirations for the new Mustang, but that doesn’t mean the muscle car will forget its drag racing heritage.

Revealed in a video posted online, the latest feature allows drivers to lock the front brakes only, before applying the throttle to spin the rear tyres. 

“It’s essentially a burnout feature,” explains stability control engineer Scott Mlynarczyk. “Used to maximise the traction of the rear wheel tyres.”

Called ‘Line Lock’, the electronic brake-control technology often features in drag racing, and is used to improve performance by heating up the rear tyres prior to launch.

It’s one of a number of options available from the 2015 Mustang GT’s Track Apps menu, including Launch Control and Brake Performance.

When Line Lock is selected, depressing the brake pedal engages and holds the front-wheel system, freeing up the driver to warm the rear wheels before activating Launch Control for an ideal start.

Mustang chief engineer Dave Pericak believes it’ll set drag racers up for a great race, although Ford is also keen to stress this feature is intended for track-only use – warning in the video that racing will void the vehicle’s warranty.

The new Ford Mustang arrives in the UK next year, and will be offered in right-hand drive for the first time. Prices are expected to start from £30,000 for the four-cylinder EcoBoost.

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In an environment obsessed by economy you can always rely on the Americans! Lets hope I'm in a position to swap my current GT for the new 5.0 next year.

So they've got a device on the Mustang so drivers can prove how big a t wat they are.

Lighten up. American's love their drag racing, if you have ever been or watched drag racing you'll know you need to warm the rear tyres for the best possible launch - That's what its for. Ofc people will use it for 'fun' but its only the same as launch control.

I do drag racing, but only when there are dragsters involved with 1/4 mile strips and christmas tree lights.

Giving a road car a front only brake like a motorcycle really is a silly gimmick. It's not launch control, it's tyre smoke and burn out prior to actually starting a run.

If you have a Mustang and want to clock your standing quarters then there are mods available to turn your road car into a drag car but it won't be the only mod you'll need and your car won't be road legal when it's ready.

Doing this stuff in a daily driver car is just embarassing and cringe.

It's also a very nice device to make the mullet sporting redneck in the camaro beside you cringe and put his chin to his chest in shame because his 500 lb heavier, larger engine, bloated GM barge is lacking the go-nads to mess with a little ol 5.0 Pony. Hey GM, can you say "performance anxiety issues"???