JLR announces Discovery Sport production at Halewood plant

19 Jun, 2014 11:00am Jonathan Burn

250 new jobs created at JLR’s Halewood plant, with the Discovery Sport ready for production

Jaguar Land Rover has announced production of the forthcoming Discovery Sport will take place at its Halewood plant in Merseyside. Around 250 new jobs have also been created to help manage production of the new compact SUV.

More than £200m has been invested in the plant, while the additional jobs to support JLR’s growth will see the Halewood workforce reach 4,750 – more than treble the number employed back in 2010.

“The Land Rover Discovery Sport is the next in a line of exciting new products to come from Jaguar Land Rover,” said Jaguar Land Rover CEO, Dr. Ralf Speth. “I am delighted that Halewood – and Liverpool – has been selected for this new investment. It is totally deserved, and strengthens the ‘special relationship’ that bonds Jaguar Land Rover to this great city.”

The Discovery Sport is expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show later this year, ahead of arriving in showrooms in 2015. It will be the first of an all-new Discovery family from Land Rover, which will spawn more than the initial three models we first expected. Land Rover states the Discovery Sport will be ‘the most versatile and capable vehicle in the compact SUV segment.’

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Oh no! JLR go from strength to strength, a car maker coming up on the rails, having lagged behind for years they have almost caught up. They just need the electric powertrains and they are up there. Quite an amazing achievement considering what terrible shape they were in under the disaster that was the Ford tenure. It's been excellent considering how far they have come back from the brink of extinction, only VW's revival of Skoda can compare.

Ford pumped billions into Jaguar and Land Rover, funding their aluminium development.

JLR along with Aston Martin, should be very grateful for what Ford did for them.

over the past few years, various companies have taken what they wanted out of JLR and Rover, with BMW taking frontwheel drive, four wheel drive and small car designs, Ford did the same, they did little to raise the abilities of the Engineers, it was only when TATA took over just about the time when the doors were going to be closed that they were let loose to create and you see the fruits now coming forth. Soon they will be rid of the DW12 engine, with the introduction of their own AJ200, into cars designed by JLR engineers, the new batch of JLR derived cars started with L405/494 Range Rover and Sport, now the Freelander replacement and soon the Discovery and Defender. Add to that the superb F-Type and soon also to be launched XE "Baby jag" and things are looking decidedly bright for British manufacturing

Don't you love blind sweeping statements from people who know Sweet FA :)
I cannot say what shape AM were in when Ford took them over, so cannot comment, but I *do* know what shape Jag were in when Ford took them over, and Ford had quite an unpleasant shock. Ford saved Jag, make no mistake about it. Anyone who states otherwise simply doesn't know the facts.

Nobody suggested that Ford didn't save Jaguar, but regardless of what Ford did, JLR were still in pretty poor shape at the end of the Ford tenure and they have managed to come a long way since.

So, he is right, (though disaster is an exaggeration). And as for blind sweeping statements, look no further than your own feet-first rant

Not sure it is entirely unjustified to see some of Fords decisions as unhelpful.

The X-Type, despite being an excellent car (especially in AWD form) was unfairly stigmatised as a Mondeo variant, because Ford pulled too much from their own parts bin and dragged down the status.

Then there was the DEW98 based S-Type, so a reskinned Ford Lincoln LS (as was the 2002 Ford Thunderbird, an American budget car), the decision to go with retrostyling didn't impress the alienated tradition Jag fans and failed to win many new converts. Despite still being DEW98 base, the later more up to date styled XF is much more respected.

So despite Fords financial underpinning Jag suffered for sales under Ford, leading to Premier Auto cutting their losses. So it wasn't a great episode at all and arguably disastrous.

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