Land Rover Discovery Sport 2014 price & release date

20 Aug, 2014 9:00am Jack Rix

New baby Land Rover called Discovery Sport will replace Freelander, due to be revealed later in 2014

The new Land Rover Discovery Sport is on the way, the car that is set to replace the ageing Freelander in the Land Rover range. That means it's a seven-seater compact SUV, offering buyers a more affordable version of the Range Rover Evoque with the bonus of the prestigious Discovery nameplate.

The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept shown at the New York Motor Show gives us an idea of how the car will look, along with some spy shots from some eagle-eyed Auto Express readers. The Discovery Sport is due to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show after beign revealed online on September 3rd.

Read on below for everything you need to know about the Land Rover Discovery Sport, including price, release date, engine details and technical specifications.

Land Rover Discovery Sport price & release date

The Discovery Sport will debut at the Paris Motor Show in early October after appearing in a digital reveal at midnight on September 3rd. It will arrive in showrooms in 2015.

When the new car hits dealers, it will be more affordable than the Range Rover Evoque, which costs from nearly £30,000. The Freelander replacing baby Discovery should start at around £25,000.

Land Rover Discovery Sport: engine & tech specs

Jaguar Land Rover’s new family of Ingenium four-cylinder engines will launch exclusively as a 2.0-litre diesel in the new Jaguar XE saloon early next year, meaning the new Land Rover Discovery Sport will have to launch with the Freelander’s 2.2-litre diesel under the bonnet.

With production ramping up at JLR’s £500m Wolverhampton plant, there won’t be enough supply for both new models at first. However, the 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel is expected to make its way into Discovery Sport models by the end of next year.

The car will be available as a five-seater, but a stretched-wheelbase 5+2 version will also be offered. Yet while the bodywork, interior, engines and badge will be new, the underpinnings will be carried over from the current Freelander.

Even though the new car has a similar footprint to the Evoque, Land Rover is certain the demand is there for both cars. It predicts that the global SUV market will grow from current annual sales of 14 million cars to 22 million by 2020. And the brand has come up with three ‘pillars’ with which to capitalise on this sales boom: luxury, leisure and dual-purpose.

But it’s not just the Discovery range that’s set to grow, as Land Rover wants to introduce around 16 separate models over the next eight years. This includes three Range Rover models, three Evoques and as many as five versions of the new Defender, which is due in 2015.

Land Rover Discovery Sport: three-model Discovery range planned

Speaking to Auto Express, Jaguar Land Rover’s sales and marketing director, Phil Popham discussed the new direction for the Discovery brand: “ I honestly don’t know which direction we’ll take, but it’s not a dissimilar situation to what we were in with Range Rover, where we created a couple and then a family. We had Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, and then went on to create a compact luxury car, the Evoque.”

“With the Discovery range, beyond the Sport and the Discovery, what we do know is anything we create has to be the most versatile car in the segment in which it competes. Is there an option for a bigger car or a smaller car? Possibly, we don’t know yet,” Popham said.

Popham also revealed that as the range continues to grow, Jaguars and Land Rovers could eventually be built abroad and imported to the UK. “We have our plants working 24 hours a day, five days a week plus overtime at weekends right now. We’re going to carry on investing in capacity where it’s needed. As we expand I would say that it’s likely at some point that we will import cars into the UK. We’re always going to be a British company with Britain in our heart, though.”

You can click on the gallery above to see our exclusive preview image of how the car could look - but we now expect the Discovery Sport to resemble the Discovery Vision concept car rather than the Freelander that it replaces.

Land Rover Discovery Sport interior

Land Rover has teased the Discovery Sport interior in a video. It confirms that the production car will tone down much of the futuristic, minimalist design that featured on the Land Rover Discovery Vision concept car revealed at the 2014 New York Motor Show. However, familiar Land Rover cabin cues remain, like the large central touchscreen display, the tall, upright dashboard, and the hooded instrument dials fitted into deep Evoque-style lenses.

In a break with the outgoing Freelander’s design, moving the cabin air vents from beside the screen to underneath it has allowed Land Rover to stretch the display’s size, and add extra buttons either side for menu shortcuts. The rest of the switchgear is expected to follow the Land Rover norm of large rotary dials controlling temperature and fan speed.

The video, which is in association with Virgin Galactic, also reveals a full-length sun roof and gives a glimpse of the Discovery Sport's standard 5+2 seating layout.  

Baby Land Rover Discovery spy shots & video

This is our latest look at the new baby Land Rover Discovery (see the pictures in our gallery above). Although heavily disguised, the video and images show the car in near-production trim testing on public roads. It's clear the replacement for the Freelander will be significantly larger than its predecessor and take most of its styling cues from the Range Rover Evoque, with raked back headlights and sculpted flanks.

Two versions will be available from launch, a standard five-seat model and a stretched version, which will offer and additional third row of seating.

Although heavily camouflaged, the front end clearly displays some of the brand DNA from the Evoque, with a large set of headlights that sit flush with the bonnet line, a wide square grille below the front bumper and a high sided design that sits lower to the road than the current model.

At the back the extra glass area does make the L550 seem heavier in profile, but a source told Auto Express that this would be 'A seriously desirable car in its own right.' Gerry McGovern, design boss for Land Rover, has said that this car would be 'sexier' and 'more appealing' than before but without taking too much from its Range Rover siblings.

Under the bonnet, the Baby Discovery will use the new range of Hot Fire 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, which are due to be built at a new engine facility in Wolverhampton. These engines will also power the new Jaguar compact saloon, and can be equipped with either two or four-wheel drive, these should help the newcomer significantly iimprove its economy and CO2 emissions, and make it competitive with cars like the BMW X3 and Audi Q5.

Image credit: Tom Levitt

Discovery Sport production at Halewood plant

Jaguar Land Rover has announced production of the forthcoming Discovery Sport will take place at its Halewood plant in Merseyside. Around 250 new jobs have also been created to help manage production of the new compact SUV.

More than £200m has been invested in the plant, while the additional jobs to support JLR’s growth will see the Halewood workforce reach 4,750 – more than treble the number employed back in 2010.

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I like the Pictures of the Baby Land Rover Discovery that has been spied

Is it the Grand Evoque not the Baby Discovery

One Evoque's more than enough!b

i just hope they haven't made it yet another variant of the evoque style. these car designers, they're getting a bit lazy, one design for all.

Babies I thought ere small offspring's of their parents not bloody great elephants that seat 7 .

I wonder what they'll call the Discovery's replacement? Hope they use another Royal Navy Survey Ships name. Endeavour. Endurance.

Testing in germany ey?? Why does it say 'Malt Shovel Inn 250yds' in the back ground???
That's in Gaydon!

Can't be a baby Discovery without the "hump" line on the roof!

Agree Smiffy. Testing in Germany with UK Road signs.....

Looks like a cross between Freelander 2 and Evoque! I like it!

So 'three distinct pillars' means making every Land Rover look like a Range Rover? Not a bad thing, but distinct it is not.

One articles says that the Freelander 2 will be replaced by Freelander 3 in late 2014 and the next article says Freelander 2 will be replaced by Baby Land Rover Discover in 2015. Which is which? Are they really going to update the Freelander 2 for 2014 and then make it obsolete by 2015? Confused -- to say the least.

Agree. Something fundamentally wrong with Evoque styling. Why it is so popular(?) is beyond me . Roof line and the waist line almost meet at the rear giving the impression that something has fallen on the roof and the roof has caved in. As a result the rear windows and the tailgate window are too small. And when viewed from the rear Evoque look like Kim K bending over. Ugly .. Ugly and Ugly.

LR have turned to penny-pinching ebrochures on their website now. Their attitude being if you want a brochure made out of paper, ask a dealer. I asked my dealer, who after what seemed like an eternity and left me feeling as if I'd asked for half an hour in bed with his wife, finally handed over a rather scruffy 2013 model year brochure. Sorry LR, you've just lost a customer with your penny-pinching ways.Bring back paper brochures on your website so those of us who prefer them can order them without hassle!

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The replacements for the Freelander and Discovery 4 as well as the introduction of two other models is a 4-5 year project for Land Rover and in time it will all make sense and fit together as a family of cars.

Remember, the Range Rover used to be a single model, but is now a healthy family of three, and will eventually be four.

The Discovery Sport will be a huge leap from Freelander - a similar leap as the Discovery 3 was from the 2 in 2003/4.

The price for an entry level will be around £28K not £25K.

Lets hope the new engines are good!

Agree that tree brochures should be easily available, though I prefer most of my reading matter in e form.

Entry Level price will be around the £25k mark, any higher for the base model DS, any higher and it will push it out of the fleet and business markets, and will make he DSXL and D4 D4XL into RR territory.

Wrong. Entry price is £27 to £28k. The current Freelander is available as an S entry model, which few customers buy. The HSE trim level is far more popular than the S model, with the average for Freelander 2 being around £29K.

Land Rover will be looking for at least a £4K increase on the older model. historically, Land Rover has been seen as a cheaper alternative to Range Rover. With the introduction of the Discovery Range, Land. Rover will be offering customers something different to the Range Rover cars, not cheaper. The new car will be aimed pretty much squarely at the X3 as the ultimate family SUV in its class. Yes, The car will take sales off the. Époque, but only when the Range is complete will customers be able to decide properly which brand is for them.

Ps: sorry for all the spelling mistakes. Replied on iPad and it won't let me change the mistakes.

Sorry but on this occasion you are incorrect, the base cost will be roughly the same, with higher models creeping up in price.

They need and will have a base model of that price to tempt people in.

Well, we'll see when prices are confirmed. the Discovery Sport is

One of Land Rover's big appeals is how Iconic they look, and how they are instantly recognisable as a Land Rover. They should all share DNA as they are all part of the Land Rover brand, but have their own distinct features. It could be worse, they could all of gone with how Audi went...!

Where does it say " Malt Shovel Inn 250 yds" and why are they driving on the right if they are in Gaydon?

Shame it looks nothing like the concept which looks fantastic. I was almost ready to order one. When are these designers just going to have the bottle to go for it once and for all?

That's how Evoques are made - they take a Discovery, lift it upside down to 5 metres then drop it on the roof - puts 10k on the price

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