New Land Rover Discovery Sport to launch with Freelander engines

Land Rover Discovery Sport spy shot Death Valley front
Credits: James Markham
10 Jul, 2014 8:10am Steve Fowler

All-new Ingenium engines to go in Jaguar XE first and join Disco Sport range in late 2015

Jaguar Land Rover’s new family of Ingenium four-cylinder engines will launch exclusively as a 2.0-litre diesel in the new Jaguar XE saloon early next year, meaning the new Land Rover Discovery Sport will have to launch with the Freelander’s 2.2-litre diesel under the bonnet.

With production ramping up at JLR’s £500m Wolverhampton plant, there won’t be enough supply for both new models at first. However, the 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel is expected to make its way into Discovery Sport models by the end of next year.

JLR has just released more details of its new modular four-cylinder engine range, with claims of an 80kg weight saving over today’s engines, plus reductions in friction of 17%, meaning greater efficiency and response.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport spy shot - Death Valley

The same basic engine architecture will be used across Jaguar and Land Rover products, in petrol and diesel form and in front, rear and all-wheel drive configuration, with manual, automatic and hybrid transmissions.

The first unit, codenamed AJ200D, will feature in the XE where it is expected to emit under 100g/km of CO2, meaning average fuel economy in excess of 70mpg.

With each cylinder accounting for 500cc, JLR engineers said that it was “completely feasible to take the technology and apply it to three-cylinder engines”, hinting at a further downsized engine range in future. Larger six-cylinder versions would also be possible.

Our pictures, taken by an Auto Express reader, show the new 'baby Land Rover' testing in Death Valley in the US. Read everything we know now about the new Land Rover Discovery Sport right here.

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